Who are Tech Nordic Advocates?

TECH NORDIC ADVOCATES is Northern Europe’s largest – and only pan-Nordic/Baltic – tech/startup ecosystem of over 700 startup/scaleup founders, entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, accelerators, corporates and policy makers, working together across the 5 Nordic (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland) and 3 Baltic (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) countries, to grow Nordic/Baltic startups, scaleups and the tech sector, and grow the Nordics/Baltics into a leading, global tech/startup hub.

In the Nordics/Baltics:

  • through strong support for startups, scaleups, cross-ecosystem and cross-border collaboration via our Working Groups (verticals), collaboration platforms, acceleration programmes (Investor/Startup Scout Programme; Startup/Scaleup Investor Programme; Corporate/Startup Innovation) and events

Outside the Nordics/Baltics:

  • by connecting the Nordic/Baltic tech/startup ecosystem and our members with other global tech/startup hubs, through Global Tech Advocates (see below)

Why Tech Nordic Advocates?

Each Nordic/Baltic country is too small to offer startups/scaleups the scale, risk capital and talent they need to fulfil their growth potential. So we have to work together to attract global investors, growth partners, mentors and talent and attention to the substantial opportunities offered by Nordic/Baltic tech.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission 

Tech Nordic Advocates’ Mission is to be the leading driving force and platform for Nordic/Baltic tech/startup ecosystem collaboration and growth:

In the Nordics/Baltics: through strong support for startups, scaleups, cross-ecosystem and cross-border collaboration via Tech Nordic Advocates collaboration platforms, working groups (verticals), initiatives and events

Outside the Nordics/Baltics: through the promotion of our Advocates, Business Members, and the Nordics/Baltics as a tech/startup hub, to other global tech/startup hubs through our Global Tech Advocates family and events promoting Nordic/Baltic tech/startups in other markets (see image below).

Our Vision 

Our Vision is to grow the Nordics/ Baltics into a leading global tech/startup hub.

Our Global Tech Advocates Family

Tech Nordic Advocates is the sister organization of Tech London Advocates – London’s influential private sector-led tech network of more than 6,500 Advocates, instrumental to growing London to Europe’s leading tech and startup hub, and part of Global Tech Advocates, the world’s only global tech/startup ecosystem. As the Nordic/Baltic arm of Global Tech Advocates  Tech Nordic Advocates is the direct gateway to other global tech/startup hubs.


TECH NORDIC ADVOCATES is Northern Europe’s largest – and only pan-Nordic/Baltic – network of 700 tech leaders, including startups, founders, entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, accelerators, experts, policy makers and corporates, working together to grow the Nordics​/​Baltics into a global tech/startup hub​.


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