How to become an Advocate

What is a Tech Nordic Advocate?
A Tech Nordic Advocate is a senior tech leader/founder/entrepreneur/investor/influencer/mentor/expert/policy maker committed to doing three things:

1. Be on message about the strength of the Nordic and Baltic tech sector
2. Introduce new Advocates and Partners to the group
3. Help one another for the ‘greater good’ of Nordic and Baltic tech startups and companies building a vibrant pan-Nordic and Baltic tech sector to benefit all.

How to become a Tech Nordic Advocate?
Tech Nordic Advocates is an invitation only network. To join, you will need to be invited by either the Tech Nordic Advocates’ Secretariat or recommended by an existing Advocate.

There is no joining or membership fee for individual Advocates. Once you have been accepted into the network, you will officially become a Tech Nordic Advocate, which will entitle you to:
– Access a pan-Nordic/Baltic network of over 500 Tech Nordic Advocates
– Attend Tech Nordic Advocates events
– Participate in Tech Nordic Advocates Working Groups.
– Appear in the Tech Nordic Advocates directory
– Through Podio – our online collaboration platform, sponsored by Citrix – reach out to other Tech Nordic Advocates.