Why become a partner?

Tech Nordic Advocates offer partners direct access to startups, entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, established tech co leaders and senior decision makers across the Nordics and Baltics, and is the direct gateway to senior tech leaders around the world via our Global Tech Advocates parent organisation, spanning London, Ireland, Silicon Valley, China, India, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand.

The only pan-Nordic/Baltic senior tech leader network in the region, we offer partners unique branding and targeted marketing and promotion, help to find customers, partners, talent, investors, investment opportunities, and offer access to specific communities, events, speaking and media opportunities. See Tech Nordic Advocates partner pack for details.

Tech Nordic Advocates agree a customised partnership agreement with each partner, detailing the general partner benefits, as well as specific goals each partner has for its collaboration with Tech Nordic Advocates, which are reviewed quarterly.

To become a Tech Nordic Advocates partner, please e-mail: info@technordicadvocates.org

General Tech Nordic Advocates partner benefits include:

DIRECT ACCESS TO ALL ADVOCATES: Direct access to the entire Advocate group

BRANDING: Logo on all Tech Nordic Advocates platforms

TARGETED PROMOTION AND MARKETING: Content in Tech Nordic Advocates’ monthly newsletter distributed to some 10,00 tech leaders across Tech Nordic Advocates, Tech London Advocates and Global Tech Advocates; blog, and promotion via all Tech Nordic Advocates digital and offline channels

EVENTS: Free tickets to leading tech events and speaking opportunities

WORKING GROUPS: Direct access to all working groups

MEDIA: Involvement in media opportunities



ACCESS TO WIDER TECH NETWORK: Tech Nordic Advocates, Tech London Advocates and @newmedia2.0’s tech, innovation and digital network in London and internationally

ACCESS TO TECH TALENT: Access to Nordic, Baltic and international tech talent

ACCESS TO NORDIC AND BALTIC STARTUP COMMUNITIES: Tech Nordic Advocates work closely with startup(s) communities across the Nordics and Baltics and have a home in the premier startuphubs in all Nordic and Baltic capitals

INTRODUCTION TO OTHER PARTNERS: Tech Nordic Advocates will introduce partners to other partners and leaders in the network.