#SmarterCitiesNOW is a Nordic/UK ‘Sharing Cities’ Collaboration forum, focused on smart city/sustainable urban development, led by Tech Nordic Advocates’ Smart City/IOT Working Group (238 people strong pan-Nordic/Baltic smart city/sustainable urban development network), in collaboration with other leading Nordic and UK organisations, including BLOXHUB, LOOP CITY, ZUMTOBEL, DONG energy, CLEAN, Copenhagen Capacity, Invest in Denmark, Future Cities Catapult, Tech London Advocates, Ravensbourne,the London Mayor’s Office, and many other smart city/sustainable urban development front runners.

#SmarterCitiesNOW responds to requests from Nordic and UK smart city/sustainable urban development startups, scale-ups, SMEs, established tech companies, designers, architects, academics, city councils, regions and policy makers for a continuous collaboration forum where ecosystem players can meet, knowledge share, learn from each other (what works/doesn’t), collaborate on projects, smart/data solutions, urban data sharing platforms, business models, open up new opportunities to promote ‘home grown’ solutions to relevant stakeholders beyond ‘home markets’ – generally progress smart city/sustainable urban development together – as opposed to reinventing the same wheel in different cities. Those are #SmarterCitiesNOW’s goals.

#SmarterCitiesNOW follows a structured work programme, selected by #SmarterCitiesNOW Forum participants and steering group:
1) innovation projects; 2) smart solutions; 3) data solutions, 4) urban data sharing platforms and 5) digital competencies across 8 Sustainability themes: 1) Sustainability; 2) Construction & Tech; 3) Transport & Mobility; 4) Engineering & Tech; 5) Digital infrastructure/IOT; 6) Culture; 7) Public Health/People/Communities; 8) Experience.

# SmarterCitiesNOW Forum participants meet bi-annually in London/Copenhagen ,respectively to review progress on work programme activities, open up new opportunities, initiatives and partnerships and plan the next six months work programme.

The next #SmarterCitiesNOW event is at BLOXHUB 11-12 October Copenhagen.

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#SmarterCitiesNOW Solution Challenge


Have you got what it takes to win the #SmarterCitiesNOW Solution Challenge? 

  • The #SmarterCitiesNOW Solution Challenge is an Open Call competition for startups/scaleups with/working on smart/sustainable urban development solutions in one or more of the following areas: 1) Sustainability (generally), 2) Construction & Tech, 3) Transport & Mobility, 4) Engineering & Tech, 5) Digital Infrastructure/Digitisation/IOT, 6) Culture, 7) Public Health/People/Communities, 8) Experience
  • The #SmarterCitiesNOW Solution Challenge is a #SmarterCitiesNOW: Sustainable Urban Collaboration Forum initiative

What is #SmarterCitiesNOW: A Sustainable Urban Collaboration Forum? 

  • See above.

Who can join the #SmarterCitiesNOW Solution Challenge? 

  • Any startup and/or scaleup with a smart city/sustainable urban development solution (in development or ready to go) in any of the 8 areas outlined above

What are the prizes?

What do I have to do to win?
To win, your solution must:

  • Address one or more of the 8 areas listed above
  • Address a specific challenge
  • Offer an innovative solution to the stated challenge
  • Be scalable
  • Be environmentally sustainable
  • Demonstrate a  commercially scalable business model

Who are the judges?  

  • The judges are independent experts from the world of smart city and sustainable urban development, including: Torben Klitgård, Director, BLOXHUB; Vibeke Linde-Strandby, Programme Director, LOOP CITY; Michael Ferm, Global Head of Public Lighting, Zumtobel Group; Layton Reid; Head of the School of Architecture and Associate Dean, Ravensbourne, London, and Jamie Anley, GOOD Hotel, London

How do I join the #SmarterCitiesNOW Solution Challenge?

  • Please register via the link the below

What’s the deadline?

  • To join the competition, you must submit your entry by 15 September 2017. The 5 best proposals will be invited to pitch live to the judges at the #SmarterCitiesNOW event @BLOXHUB 11-12 October in Copenhagen (see above), where the winner and runner-up will be chosen.

I want to join the #SmarterCitiesNOW Solution Challenge