07 Mar Leader Island partners with Tech Nordic Advocates

Tech Nordic Advocates select Stockholm-based Leader Island as its pan-Nordic/Baltic communication platform

Stockholm, February 15 2019: TECH NORDIC ADVOCATES – Northern Europe’s largest – and only pan-Nordic/Baltic – tech/startup ecosystem network of 730 tech startup/scaleup founders, entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, experts, incubators, accelerators, corporates and policy makers, working together across the 5 Nordic and 3 Baltic countries to support Nordic/Baltic startup, scaleup and tech sector growth, have selected Stockholm-based Leader Island as its new pan-Nordic/Baltic collaboration platform.

Says Jeanette Carlsson, Founder, Tech Nordic Advocates:

Tech Nordic Advocates’ mission is to be the leading driving force for Nordic/Baltic tech/startup ecosystem collaboration and growth in the region, in support of our vision to cement the Nordics/Baltics as a leading global tech/startup hub. To achieve that, we need a dynamic and agile collaboration platform and ‘digital home’, which enables our rapidly growing network of Nordic/Baltic tech/startup ecosystem leaders to connect and collaborate easily with each other and engage with our expanding range of growth initiatives. Leader Island meets our unique needs, and being Swedish, also our aim to use and showcase Nordic technology”

Says Christian Löfvendahl, Co-founder & CEO, Leader Island:

Tech Nordic Advocates has created a truly groundbreaking tech community of founders, investors, talents, corporates and mentors. We are very excited to roll out our communication platform for the Tech Advocates community to share knowledge and grow their startups

About Tech Nordic Advocates

TECH NORDIC ADVOCATES is Northern Europe’s largest – and only pan-Nordic/Baltic – tech/ startup ecosystem network of 730 startup/scaleup founders, entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, experts, incubators, accelerators, corporates and policy makers, working together across the 5 Nordic (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland) and 3 Baltic (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) countries to support Nordic/Baltic tech startup, scaleup and tech sector growth.

Tech Nordic Advocates is the sister organization of Tech London Advocates – London’s influential private sector-led tech network of more than 7,000 Advocates, instrumental to growing London to Europe’s leading tech and startup hub, and part of Global Tech Advocates, the world’s only global tech/startup ecosystem. As the Nordic/Baltic arm of Global Tech Advocates, Tech Nordic Advocates is the direct gateway to other global tech/startup hubs.

Web: technordicadvocates.org

Email: info@technordicadvocates.org

Facebook: technordicadvocates

Twitter: @TechNordicAdv

LinkedIn: tech-nordic-advocates

Phone: +45 51 27 89 78

About Leader Island

Leader Island is the group communication platform that helps large professional communities to share knowledge in a quick and easy way. We have developed a powerful tool that allows users to brand and engage their communities. With Leader Island, communities can offer their co-workers, members, users a closed and personalized platform dedicated to sharing knowledge and experiences where people can connect and contribute unique insights. Leader Island was founded in Stockholm, Sweden during 2017 and we are dedicated to make Leader Island the world’s most popular knowledge sharing tool.

Web: leaderisland.com

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