18 Jan MoveSole founder did a $60m exit at his previous company

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Did you know thatMoveSole CEO and co-founder Eero Kaikkonen was in charge of a $60m exit at his previous company? He was CEO of video technology provider Hantro Products when US-based On2 Technologies acquired it and went on to serve as CMO for On2 Technologies. On2 was subsequently acquired by Google.

Today MoveSole will announce that it has signed a significant distributor agreement with Mobility Research Inc. for distribution of MoveSole’s products Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. As part of the agreement, Mobility Research has committed to ordering a significant number of MoveSole products following an initial testing period. Read more about MoveSole’s growth trajectory.
In other news, wave energy company Wello is less than €70k short of reaching its initial goal of €1m, while Zenz Organic is pushing on with 126% of the initial goal already subscribed.
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Lasse Mäkelä, CEO
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ZENZ ORGANIC: Natural and ecological beauty products

Zenz Organic Hair and Zenz Organic Products support the growing consumer demands for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We are the biggest green hairdressing chain in the Nordic countries and our products are sold by 700 resellers worldwide.

  • Zenz Organic products are sold in 15 countries
  • Group sales over DKK 17m in 2016
  • Over 700 resellers for the products
13 Days left
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2.324.800 DKK 1.850.000 DKK 7.450.000 DKK
Invested Minimum Maximum
Denmark Growth Health & Fitness
MoveSole Smart Insole helps with gait analysis

Diabetics suffering from foot ulcers are in a greater risk of having to go under lower limb amputation. MoveSole Smart Insoles help healthcare professionals by measuring the effectiveness of offloading at the clinics and outside with everyday usage.

  • Product has been developed in cooperation with doctors
  • Butterfly VC as an investor
  • Team has one exit under its belt
13 Days left
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44.531 EUR 100.000 EUR 300.000 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Seed Health & Fitness

Wello is a Finnish clean energy company providing a wave energy based solution for power generation. With commitment and passion, the company has developed the Wello Penguin into a product that is now ready to be commercialized. A first order has already been received.

  • A durable and scalable solution with unique and patented features
  • The global potential of the wave energy market provides great opportunities for growth
  • The professional and innovative Wello team is supported with an experienced BoD, investors include e.g. Fortum
27 Days left
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933.817 EUR 1.000.000 EUR 2.000.000 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Seed Technology

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