How can you support me?

Tech Nordic Advocates support Nordic/Baltic startup, scaleup and tech sector growth through targeted initiatives:

If you've been to one of our events, you know. If you haven't, time has come to rectify that. Tech Nordic Advocates' high octane, action-oriented events LIVE to connect you with the right people and make things happen. Our partner events bring to life our commitment to collaborating with other leading Nordic/Baltic tech/startup ecosystem players. See Event page for details

Interested in specific tech sectors? Want to meet peers and discuss key issues in your sector, find customers, talent and/or partners? Tech Nordic Advocates' Communities (verticals) can help you do just that. Our FinTech, Health tech, Smart City, Food Tech, Creative Tech, Tech Talent, Nordic/China Tech and other Communities help to stimulate innovation, growth, new partnerships, networking and knowledge sharing and remove roadblocks to growth at sector level. Interested? Email the secretariat:

Want to be able to reach out to peers across the Nordic/Baltic tech/startup ecosystem to find customers, partners, talent, knowledge share or otherwise? Tech Nordic Advocates' collaboration platforms help you do just that whether across our network or at Working Group level, we have the collaboration platform that will connect you with the right people

Are you an investor looking for deal flow? Why not ask Tech Nordic Advocates for help? Tech Nordic Advocates has Northern Europe’s largest network of startups and scaleups and can help you build pipeline and deal flow through our investor scout programme.

Are you a Nordic/Baltic startup or scaleup looking for investment? Tech Nordic Advocates has Northern Europe’s largest network of Nordic, Baltic and Global investors. And as the sibling of Tech London Advocates and the Nordic/Baltic arm of Global Tech Advocates, Tech Nordic Advocates can provide you with access to the ‘right’ investors anywhere in the Nordics/Baltics, London, rest of Europe and globally.

Are you a corporate or SME looking for the ‘right’ startups to help you boost innovation? Tech Nordic Advocates offers corporates and SMEs access to Northern Europe’s largest startup ecosystem, sourcing and innovation acceleration programmes.

Are you a startup or scaleup founder or entrepreneur? Do you ever sit back and think 'wish there was someone I could call and ask about this'? Would a senior person with experience of founding, growing and scaling tech businesses who could act as your business mentor help? Tech Nordic Advocates offers startups and scaleups a large network of successful business mentors, who can help. Interested? Email the Secretariat:  

Let's face it. Having the right team in place comes out top on investor due diligence lists and is critical to business success. Are YOU looking for top notch tech talent? Look no further. Tech Nordic Advocates have over 700 members and access to a pool of thousands of top Nordic, Baltic and Global talent through our network and Global Tech Advocates family. Want help finding your next mission-critical man or woman? Email the Secretariat:

Are you a Nordic/Baltic startup or scaleup looking to expand into China and/or attract Chinese investment? Or a Chinese investor or business looking for investment or business opportunities in the Nordic/Baltic tech/startup ecosystem? We are here to help. Tech Nordic Advocates' Nordic/China tech partnership provides the trusted platform you need to find the right investors/ partners/business opportunities.

Looking to grow your network and/or be introduced to potential clients and/or partners? Look no further. Tech Nordic Advocates offer bespoke networking building/business development services. Drop us a line with what you're trying to achieve and we can put the right initiative together for you

Looking to expand beyond the Nordics/Baltics? Tech Nordic Advocates is the Nordic/Baltic arm of Global Tech Advocates - the world's only global tech/startup ecosystem, and as such the direct gateway to investors and partners across the globe from Silicon Valley to South America, London, Rest of Europe, Singapore/South East Asia China, India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand etc.


TECH NORDIC ADVOCATES is Northern Europe’s largest – and only pan-Nordic/Baltic (not-for-profit) – tech/startup ecosystem network of founders, startups, scaleups, investors, mentors, startup/scaleup hubs, incubators, accelerators, corporates, universities and public sector organisations, working together to stimulate Nordic/Baltic startup, scaleup and tech sector growth.


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