How do you support Startups/Scaleups?

Business Growth

If you’re a Nordic/Baltic startup or scaleup looking for business growth support within the Nordics/Baltics/beyond OR a non-Nordic/Baltic startup/scaleup looking for support to expand within the Nordics/Baltics, we’re right here and connected to everyone you need to know within the Nordics/Baltics or globally through our Global Tech Advocates global family. We support our members in many different ways. Reach out and tell us what YOU need so we can support you too.

Startup/scaleup Investor Scouting

If you’re a Nordic/Baltic startup or scaleup looking for investment, look no further. Tech Nordic Advocates has Northern Europe’s largest Nordic, Baltic and global investor network. And as the sibling of Tech London Advocates and the Nordic/Baltic arm of Global Tech Advocates, Tech Nordic Advocates can connect you with the ‘right’ investors anywhere in the Nordics/Baltics, London, rest of Europe and globally. What are you waiting for?

Startup Mentors

Do you ever sit back and think ‘wish there was someone I could call and ask about this’? Would a senior person with experience of founding, growing and scaling tech businesses who could act as your business mentor help? Tech Nordic Advocates offers startups and scaleups a large network of successful business mentors, who can help. As a member, we’ll be happy to help you?

Tech Talent Search

Let’s face it. Having the right team in place comes out top on investor due diligence lists time and again and is critical to business success. Are YOU looking for top notch tech talent? Look no further. Tech Nordic Advocates have over 750 members and access to a pool of thousands of top Nordic, Baltic and Global talent through our network and Global Tech Advocates family. Want help finding your next mission-critical man or woman? Join our network.


TECH NORDIC ADVOCATES is Northern Europe’s largest – and only pan-Nordic/Baltic (not-for-profit) – tech/startup ecosystem, Nordic sibling of Tech London Advocates, engine behind London’s tech hub, and Nordic arm of Global Tech Advocates, the world’s only global tech/startup hub, including 29,000 tech leaders across 29 global tech hubs from Silicon Valley across South America, London/UK, Nordics, rest of Europe, China, India and South East Asia to Australia.