Are you looking to expand to and/or raise capital in London/UK?

Tech Nordic Advocates originate in London and the UK. Our older sibling is Tech London and UK Tech Advocates. Noone knows - or has better direct access to - London/the UK than us.

Tech Nordic Advocates is also official London Stock Exchange and UK Government Department for Business and Trade (DBT) Referral Partner. We have a strong track record of helping Nordic/Baltic tech startups and scaleups land, expand and raise capital in the UK through our programmes.

UK Market Access Programme

Market entry & Insights
UK market and industry insights and trends

Business Setup
Help to land and expand in the UK

Local network/ecosystem
Introduction to London and UK ecosystem and key players

Business Development
Introduction to potential clients and partners

Operational support
HR, Tax, Finance, Legal

Access to capital through TNA Invest

Brand Promotion and Marketing
Local market promotion to target clients and partners

Media and Events
Gain access to leading London/UK events

Looking to raise capital in London/UK?

Are you looking to raise capital in London/the UK? Noone in the Nordics/Baltics have a bigger VC Network or stronger track record than Tech Nordic Advocates.

What's the deal?

UK Market Access programme:
Base package of 3 months (Price based on application needs)

London/UK capital raise support:
6 month package (upfront £1k management fee + 5% success fee) including:

  • Pitch deck due diligence to ensure you have a killer pitch deck for London/UK investors
  • 'Office hours' with experts to get you ready for raising capital in London/the UK
  • Introduction to the right investors to meet your capital raise needs
  • Ongoing support and communication with investors

How do we track success?

Key Performance Indicators:
Defined KPIs aligned with your goals for measurable success.

Regular Progress Reports:
Periodic updates on project milestones and achievements.

Client Feedback Mechanism:
Continuous feedback loop to ensure client satisfaction and adaptability.

Post-Implementation Evaluation:
Comprehensive review post-expansion to assess long-term success.

Capital Raise programme:
Capital Raised