Module 2 – International Accelerator

Who’s in Cohort 1 Accelerator

Katrine Larsen

Co-founder & COO, hococo

Isabella Merrild Agdestein

Co-founder & CEO, Focalx

Vera Reshetina

CEO and Co-founder, Workee

Hatla Færch Johnsen

CEO and Co-founder, uQualio

Louise Vinodini Gertz

Founder & CEO, WeBrick

Stine Kalmer Jørgensen

Co-founder & CEO, digital business developer,

Jette Louise Skovgaard

CEO og founder, Minplan

Thuri Kledal

Founder & CXO, VR-Nature

Tina Søgaard-Pedersen

Owner/Director, Vain Dane Athletic

Fridda Flensted-Jensen

Founder & CEO, The Bubly Company

Julia Gebert

Founder & CEO, Rysta

Who’s in Cohort 2 Accelerator

Bodil Biering

Founder & CEO/CTO, Cyberjuice

Anne Sofie Rasmussen

Co-founder & CTO, Quick-It

Dorte Caroline Knudsen

Founder, Shift

Susan Poulsen

Founder & CEO, Advative ApS

Lillian Katrine Kofod

Founder & CEO, Vent2U ApS

Catharina Christiansen

Partner/CMO, Idealshop

Lena Andersson

Founder & CEO, Go! Running Tours

Mie Haraldsted

CEO, Aim Robotics

Jeannette Eis

Founder/CEO Attendwise

Christine Hebert

Founder, BlueLobster

Who’s in Cohort 3 Accelerator

Kathrine von Grumbkow

Co-founder & COO, Astro

Paula Jota Pedersen

CMO, Poikilingo

Rikke Vallentin Stoltz

Owner & CEO, GHC Int ApS

Lisa Ritter-Petersen

Managing Director, XLOCK Scandinavia ApS

Elizabeth Boye

Managing Partner, Sociability

Shakila Shakeen

Founder/CEO MyMedicalGig

Mia Negru

CRO, 2030 Builders

Mie Bøgh Arildsen

Co-founder & CEO, Hero

Marie Lommer Bagger

CEO, Measurelet

Inga Stein Burgaard

CEO, Seek+See ApS

Jannike Borg

Founder AceraTech


TECH NORDIC ADVOCATES is Northern Europe’s largest – and only pan-Nordic/Baltic (not-for-profit) – tech/startup ecosystem, Nordic sibling of Tech London Advocates, engine behind London’s tech hub, and Nordic arm of Global Tech Advocates, the world’s only global tech/startup hub, including 29,000 tech leaders across 29 global tech hubs from Silicon Valley across South America, London/UK, Nordics, rest of Europe, China, India and South East Asia to Australia.