02 Jun 2 new successful investment rounds plus 3 rounds closing today

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Congratulations to Ägräs Distillery and Heliozenit for successful funding rounds! Ägräs Distillery reached oversubscription with €380,000 raised, making this second Ägräs offering on Invesdor even more popular than the first. Heliozenit’s €100,000 round was the first VC co-operation round for us with investments from Åland-based VC ÅUAB.

Cases closing today include Transfluent, Investors House and Netpris! All three are closing at a minute to midnight today. As a highlight, Transfluent’s offering has more than €700k invested and also includes investments on the same terms from a Finnish VC fund, Vision+.

The first newcomer of the week is Injeq, makers of a smart needle that makes lumbar punctures significantly safer especially for small children. The second new case is ShowHau Center, which focuses on the wellbeing of dogs and dog owners. The ShowHau offering includes a €200,000 investment from the Finnish Media For Equity fund, which secures the company a big marketing boost following the funding round.

If you are in Helsinki, consider attending the investor evening hosted by current campaigner TRE on Wednesday 7 June, 6–8 pm at TRE, Mikonkatu 6, Helsinki. The event includes a 20% discount on all their Finnish design wares. RSVP media@worldoftre.com.

As always, scroll down for the weekly case status report and check out our new blogs. If you missed our breakfast event on Monday, you can watch Inventure’s Sami Lampinen’s presentation on how VCs and digital fundraising platforms can co-exist on our Youtube channel.


Lasse Mäkelä, CEO

All investments carry a risk of losing capital. Invest responsibly.

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Open funding rounds

Netpris – online supermarket
The Scandinavian grocery market is a 60 billion EUR market, which has not yet been digitalized and disrupted. Netpris is an online shop that provides the lowest prices on well-known grocery brands delivered directly to the consumer’s door.
8 Hours left
706.871 DKK 2.000.000 DKK 7.000.000 DKK
Invested Minimum Maximum
Denmark Growth E-Commerce
Investors House CF 1

Investors House CF 1 Oy is a company founded by the Nasdaq Helsinki listed Investors House Oyj. It owns and rents out plots of land for housing and real estate companies. Invest in land – they’re not making it anymore.

  • This offering is only available in Finnish
8 Hours left
105.000 EUR 300.000 EUR 600.000 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Seed Other
Transfluent – Language translation done right

Transfluent has been growing 8% per month for the past 30 months and reached EBITDA profitability in 2016! We have changed the way businesses handle their translation needs. Biggest companies from Finland and around the world are already customers.

  • Consolidated sales estimate 930k for 2016
  • Reached EBITDA profitability in 2016
  • Clients include Pinterest, Barona Group, Elisa, Fonecta, Cap Gemini, Pfizer and many more
8 Hours left
717.195 EUR 599.992 EUR 1.551.278 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Growth Professional and Business Services
Medicortex – Rapid biochemical diagnostics for brain injury

Have you ever hit your head and become a bit confused? Have your children encountered such a situation, or have you seen ice-hockey players colliding and lying on ice? You may have witnessed a brain injury.

  • Developing a portable, easy-to-use test kit for diagnosing brain injuries with strong market potential
  • Strong academic minds and track record in the team
  • The first clinical trial results have confirmed the potential of the test kit
10 Days left
84.968 EUR 120.000 EUR 560.000 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Seed Biotechnology
Nimber – Going your way, anyway

Nimber is a matching platform for deliveries. We match people who need to send with those going that way anyway, creating a delivery solution that is convenient, cost effective and sustainable.

  • Nimber had gross turnover of £509,000 in 2016
  • Nimber has partnerships with eg. Finn.no and Freeads
  • Nimber has facilitated over 25,000 deliveries since their foundation
13 Days left
245.740 GBP 600.000 GBP 900.000 GBP
Invested Minimum Maximum
United Kingdom Early Technology
Injeq IQ-Needle™ – smart needle knows where its tip is

Lumbar punctures are critical in treating childhood leukemia. Injeq IQ-Needle™ knows the position of its tip, taking the safety and success of lumbar punctures to a new level. This is but one of the many applications for the technology.

  • Potential to become the new industry standard in hypodermic needles
  • Granted and pending patents for four different technologies
  • Strong technical and managerial knowhow in the team
21 Days left
293.850 EUR 250.000 EUR 825.000 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Seed Technology
Skwibble Ltd

Skwibble is the exciting new app allowing parents to record their child’s stories, celebrations & milestones safely and securely. Through our Playpens feature, friends & family can also contribute and share in the joy of your child’s early years too!

  • Proven market interest and unique solution for a well identified user target group
  • Initial traction upon soft launch in Q1 2017
  • Ready to scale up operation with further development power and marketing activities
22 Days left
42.367 GBP 100.000 GBP 175.000 GBP
Invested Minimum Maximum
United Kingdom Seed Internet Business
ShowHau Center

ShowHau Center – Quality training center for dog owners

  • The dog industry is growing quickly. In Finland it is is already a billion-euro market
  • The ShowHau Center network will be a one-stop shop for dog services, equipment and experiences
  • Share issue includes a €200,000 subscription by Media For Equity, providing strong support for the company’s marketing efforts
30 Days left
369.775 EUR 350.000 EUR 805.000 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Early Sport and Leisure
Finnish lifestyle store TRE goes international

The concept store TRE, founded in 2016, has taken its place as the flagship store of Finnish design. Now TRE embarks on taking the good news of Finnish lifestyle to international markets.

  • Flagship store and webshop for Finnish design and fashion
  • Million euros of revenue from first financial year
  • Collaboration with eg. Flow Festival and City of Helsinki
30 Days left
89.424 EUR 250.000 EUR 600.000 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Growth Consumer products
Plantui – It’s time to grow!

Cutting-edge plant science, light spectrum intelligence and hi-tech bundled up into a beautifully designed consumer product – this is Plantui, a smart garden inspiring the growth market of urban indoor gardening.

  • Globally patented technology
  • Products available in 22 markets; focus in Europe & Asia
  • Year-on-year revenue growth 129%
30 Days left
219.570 EUR 500.000 EUR 750.000 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Early Consumer products
iOT Stonelin Communications Limited
IoT internet of things is presently the “buzz technology”. The concept involves collecting data from the surrounding world using hardware, devices and presenting this information in a useful format. We design, develop and manufacture such devices.
35 Days left
92.250 GBP 250.000 GBP 1.000.000 GBP
Invested Minimum Maximum
United Kingdom Seed Technology

Showcased pitches

Pikseli Virtual Reality Arcade – Coming soon
Pikseli Arcade redefines the leisure activities industry with a new concept of virtual reality entertainment centers.
Coming soon!
Finland Seed Leisure and Tourism