Our Global Advisory Board

Meet our amazing Global Advisory Board who work entirely pro bono to support YOU!

Per Thau

Board member, Chair, Advisor, Chairman, Tech Nordic Advocates

Jeanette Carlsson

Founder, CEO, Tech Nordic Advocates; board, diplomatic and EU advisor, conference chair, lecturer

Russ Shaw, CBE

Founder, Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates (UK/Global)

Sagar Chandna

Senior Partner and CTO, Runway FBU; Chairman, Tech Nordic Advocates Norway

Marko Moilanen

Attorney, Lexia; Chairman, Tech Nordic Advocates Finland

Vibeke Linde-Strandby


İlgi Evecan Duran

Chief metaverse officer, Board Member, Top 100 Women of the future, Sweden

Marit Wetterhus

CEO, Capassa, Norway

Lauri Määttänen

Programme Manager, Business Helsinki, Finland

Hazel Moore, OBE

Chairman, First Capital (Investor), London/Silicon Valley