Solo Advocate

What is a Tech Nordic Advocate?

A Tech Nordic Advocate is a solo member of Tech Nordic Advocates – Northern Europe’s largest and only pan-Nordic/Baltic tech/startup ecosystem. To become a Tech Nordic Advocate, you must be a tech leader: a startup / scaleup founder / co-founder / entrepreneur / investor / influencer / mentor / established tech co leader/expert/policy maker – or in short, a decision maker who has the power to make decisions on your organisation’s behalf. That way we can make things happen, help YOU grow YOUR tech sector business and together grow the Nordics/Baltics in a leading global tech hub (See About page).

Once a Tech Nordic Advocate, you’re part of the only existing pan-Nordic/Baltic tech/startup ecosystem community – a diverse and fast-growing group of tech leaders joined together across Nordic/Baltic borders around a shared purpose and interests. Tech advocates help:

1. Support each other and collaborate, so we can help everyone grow their Nordic/Baltic startup/scaleup/tech sector businesses

2. Build a vibrant pan-Nordic/Baltic tech/startup ecosystem community to benefit all

3. Help spread the word about the strength of the Nordic/Baltic tech/startup sector

4. Introduce new Advocates and Business Members to our community. The bigger our network, the greater the benefits for all

How do i become a Tech Nordic Advocate?

To become a Tech Nordic Advocate, you:

  • Must be a ‘Tech Leader’ (see above)
  • May be invited by Tech Nordic Advocates Secretariat
  • May be recommended by an existing Tech Nordic Advocate
  • Apply to join our community directly to Tech Nordic Advocates Secretariat (3 mins).

What's the cost?

The annual membership fee for a (solo) Tech Nordic Advocate is €350 per Advocate. Your business may also join as a business member. See ‘How do I become a business member?’

What do i get for my annual membership fee?

Once you have been accepted into Tech Nordic Advocates and paid your annual membership fee, you will officially become a Tech Nordic Advocate, and gain access to the following unique Advocate benefits:

  • FREE Access to Tech Nordic Advocates Events:
    Free access to Tech Nordic Advocates and Tech London Advocates action-oriented events across the Nordics, Baltics and London (non-members pay standard event pass fees)
  • Access to Northern Europe's Largest Tech/Startup Ecosystem Network :
    Access to Northern Europe's largest and only pan-Nordic/Baltic tech/startup ecosystem, including startup and scaleup founders, investors, corporate leaders, potential customers and partners, advisors, mentors and other growth partners - AND the world's only global tech community Global Tech Advocates
  • Direct Access to Global Mentors:
    Unique access to mentors across the Nordics, Baltics, London and globally through Tech Nordic Advocates Global Tech Advocates community
  • Priority Access to Investor Matchmaking:
    Priority access to Tech Nordic Advocates' investor matchmaking service
  • Direct Access to Tech Sector Career Opportunities:
    Tech Nordic Advocates is Northern Europe's largest tech/startup ecosystem network. Our community is your unique platform to find your next role/career opportunity
  • Direct Access To Nordic, Baltic and Global Digital/Tech Talent:
    Unique access to top digital/tech talent across the Nordics/Baltics and globally through our Global Tech Advocates family
  • Direct Access to Global Tech Advocates :
    Direct Access to Tech Nordic Advocates’ Global Tech Advocates global family of tech leaders from Silicon Valley to Australia and New Zealand - the world's only global tech community - and priority access to trade missions to other global tech hubs