Did you know?

Only around 1.7% of venture capital in Denmark is invested in all-women founding teams, and less than 8% in mixed-gender teams.

Investors allocate 1.3x more capital to all-men than all-women founding teams.

Average seed and series A-rounds are 52.5% smaller for all-women founding teams.

So what?

This leads to lost talent, less innovation, slower growth, fewer jobs, and greater inequality.

Our Diversity Venture Fund is here to change that

What is our Diversity Venture Fund?

The Diversity Venture Fund is the Venture Fund organisation of Tech Nordic Advocates’ 3-Module international female tech founder growth programme "Denmark as Female Tech Founder Frontrunner" – Europe’s only international female tech founder growth programme, headline funded by the Danish Industry Foundation and partners.

The goal of the Diversity Venture Fund is to improve access to capital for female/non-binary founders and close the gender funding gap, by matching female/non-binary founders with investors committed to a level playing field and investing in the best deals, irrespective of founder gender.

Makes sense, right? Fair play for female and non binary founders and access to diverse deal flow for investors. Win-Win.

For Founders: How does it work?

1. Send us your pitch deck. We do the due diligence to ensure it’s investor ready

2. Join 'office hours' with experts to equip you for the fundraising journey

3. Get your pitch deck in front of investors committed to investing in female and non binary tech founders

4. Meet with pre-qualified investors who will treat you at par with all other founders

5. Increase your chances of securing the capital you need to launch, grow and scale your tech business – and on fair terms

Application Criteria

Any fundraising female tech founder/leader/identifying as female (pre-launch to exit) from within or outside ”Denmark as Female Tech Founder Frontrunner”

How do I apply?

If you meet the above application criteria, and would like to join our Diversity Venture Fund, please click HERE

For Investors: How does it work?

Application Criteria

1. Any Danish or international investors who have already stated a minimum commitment (mission, vision, values, strategy, business objectives) to invest in female-led and non-binary led businesses with a female (co)founder or c-suite leader/(co)founder

2. Investors that have not yet made such a commitment/embedded those principles in their vision/mission/values/strategy/business objectives but are committed to doing so within six months of joining

Investors who meet the above criteria and express an interest in joining are assessed through a due-diligence process

Operational Code of Conduct

1. Receiving prequalified pitch decks from the Diversity Venture Fund

2. Responding to and taking qualifying meetings with shared prospects within two weeks

3. Providing practical feedback on pitch decks following meeting within one week

4. Participating in pitch events organized by the Diversity Venture Fund

5. Inviting Diversity Venture Fund prospects to own pitch events

6. Sharing information about focus area(as): sector/subsector, technologies, and investment stage(s) to enable the Secretariat to send the right pitch decks to the right investors

Operational Code of Conduct: Communications

Proactively promoting and engaging in “Denmark as female entrepreneurship front runner” external communications about commitment to investing in female founders

Featuring on “Denmark as female entrepreneurship front runner” Diversity Venture Fund investor list subject to the stated commitments.

Dual branding/accreditation criteria (showing platform logo on own website)

Investment Criteria

Within a 3-year period from joining:

Min. 20% of new investments in startups with a female or non-binary founder or c-suite leader/founder or c-suite leader

Min. 20% of new money invested in startups with a female or non-binary founder or c-suite leader/founder or c-suite leader

Benefits to joining DVF

  • Access to greater, pre-qualified deal-flow, economies of scale and increased speed to market incl. through potential partnerships/ syndicates with other Diversity Venture Fund members
  • Access to a diverse portfolio of founders and businesses
  • Key role in correcting the access to capital gender imbalance in digital/tech innovation in Denmark
  • A significant contribution to the execution of own diversity and inclusion agenda and commitments

Through the Diversity Venture Fund, we pledge to eliminate a significant access to capital hurdle faced by numerous female and non-binary tech founders and leaders. This involves securing medium to long-term investor commitments, with the goal of eradicating gender bias in the sector.

All investors joining the Diversity Venture Fund commit to such commitments at three levels; financial, operational & communications.

How do I apply?

Investors who would like to join TNA Diversity Venture Fund should click HERE

Our fantastic investors

Diversity Venture Fund Governance

The Diversity Venture Fund is governed by a local and international investor ecosystem advisory board. See who they are HERE