How do I become a Business member?

Tech Nordic advocates offer Business Members a Unique Platform for Growth

Tech Nordic Advocates offer Nordic / Baltic tech sector companies  – and non-Nordic/Baltic tech sector companies and organisations growing their businesses/organisations in the Nordics/Baltics – a unique platform for growth, tailored to your needs, whether you’re a startup, scaleup, SME, Corporate, hub, public or public/private sector organisation or otherwise.

We have one aim: to help you accelerate business growth. How? By offering access to and collaboration with our pan-Nordic/Baltic 3,000 strong tech/startup community, participation and key roles at our events, collaboration platforms, growth initiatives, direct promotion, business development and global networking and scaleup activities (see What We Do) through our Global Tech Advocates family, spanning 18 global tech/startup hubs and 18,000 tech leaders. What’s not to like?

We offer unrivalled business benefits with great value for money to businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes from startups to corporates and public sector organisations, tailored to YOUR business to support YOUR business goals.


Event sponsor

Sponsors play a key role in Tech Nordic Advocates events, meet and match with startups, scaleups, founders and other event delegates in return for key benefits, including:

  • Branding
  • Multichannel promotion on all Tech Nordic Advocates, Tech London Advocates, Global Tech Advocates, partner and other sponsor social media channels, own collaboration platform, blog posts, newsletter and more

  • FREE event passes
  • Key roles in event programme: keynote/chair of sessions/panels/bespoke sessions/clinics

  • Exhibition space
  • Email announcements
  • Access to delegate lists and more

Startups: €600

Bronze: €1500

Silver: €3500

Gold: €6500

Business Member packages
(annual membership)

Annual business members enjoy a wide range of business benefits and value for money, including:

  • Branding (multichannel)

  • Multichannel Promotion (see ‘Sponsor’ for details)

  • Blog posts (see ‘Sponsor’ for details)

  • Newsletter (own content in monthly newsletter)

  • Events (automatic sponsorship of 2 annual events – see ‘Sponsor’ for details)

  • Access/chair of communities (e.g. Fintech, AI, Blockchain, Urban Innovation/Smart City)

  • Business Development (direct introduction to Advocates/ Business Members/Target clients)

  • Press & Media
  • Delivery of member specific business goals

Startups (Headcount <10): Fee on application

Scaleups/SMEs/Public Sector/Hubs: (Headcount: 10-100): €12.5k

Private Sector Companies/ Corporates: (Headcount>100): €25k

Programme partner (public/private sector) and bespoke services

Tech Nordic Advocates offer startups/ scaleups/ corporates/investors/lenders matchmaking/bespoke packages to help:

  • Startups/scaleups: raise finance

  • SMVs/Corporates: source startups to boost innovation

  • Investors/lenders: identify startups / scaleups / partners to increase deal flow

Startup/scaleup/investor matching: finders fee

SMVs/Corporates: bespoke packages

Investors/Lenders:  finders fee/bespoke package

Enquire for bespoke packages


TECH NORDIC ADVOCATES is Northern Europe’s largest – and only pan-Nordic/Baltic, not-for-profit, tech/startup ecosystem and women-in-tech community, with offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki. Tech Nordic Advocates is the Nordic/Baltic sibling of Tech London Advocates – the engine behind London’s tech hub, and the Nordic/Baltic arm of Global Tech Advocates, the world’s only global tech community, spanning 30 global tech hubs and 30,000 tech leaders from Tech Bay Area Advocates in Silicon Valley to South America, London/UK, the Nordics/Baltic, rest of Europe, China, India, South-East Asia and Australia/New Zealand.