Our Team

Meet our amazing Nordic and international team

Jeanette Carlsson

Founder and CEO

Maria Clemmensen

Head of Secretariat and Nordic Programme Manager

Eeva Haaramo

Head of Finland​

Angela Holter

Head of Norway

Thuri Kledal

TNA Invest & Diversity Fund Manager

Barry O'Brien

Programme Manager, Sweden/Nordics

Angeliki Papagiannopoulou

Ecosystem Manager, Finland

Bjørn Lapakko

Head of Community, Tech Nordic Advocates Norway

Alisa Mick​

Programme Advisor, Nordics

Eline Edslev

Project Coordinator

Sophie Egede-Schrøder

Press & Media

Aniket Mone

Developer and Technical Digital Platform Lead

Geoff Mortimore

Content Manager

Frederikke Lindum Trolle-Christensen