18 Oct 4ire Labs

This week we caught up with Helen Petrashchuk, CEO of 4ire Labs, one of our Tech Nordic Advocates’ members, to learn more about her and the work that they do.

So, tell us a bit about 4ire Labs…

We are a Swedish-Ukrainian company with a decade of experience in green finance, blockchain, AI, Fintech, and DeFi.  We are actively working on the establishment of new connections, so that’s why we joined Tech Nordic Advocates, as we know that they are building and contributing to the Nordic ecosystem. Our mission is to, not only, help businesses achieve their strategic goals, but also to become part of a great community and build the FinTech Innovation Network.



What are your expert specialties, as a Tech company?

4ire Labs provides blockchain development and integration services, as well as IT consulting to businesses wishing to gain a competitive advantage in the modern hi-tech world. Currently we are delivering solutions in the areas of Blockchain, custom FinTech software development, BI, SI, and Big Data consulting. We work internationally, with clients in different parts of the world, spanning from SMEs to large corporations and government institutions.

At present, experts of 4ire Labs actively work on the development of the blockchain ecosystem in the Nordic region. The company acts as an official integrator of the Swedish blockchain system Chromia developed by ChromaWay. It also offers support in the integration of NEAR Protocol and establishes new partnerships with companies offering innovative FinTech software solutions.

That sounds interesting  – tell us a bit more about your current projects…

Among the most exciting projects in which 4ire Labs is currently involved, these are exciting:

  • Green Assets Wallet. An innovative solution developed under the auspices of influential governmental and financial institutions (Mistra, SEB, the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development in Germany). Led by Stockholm Green Digital Finance, the startup is aimed at increasing the efficiency and transparency of the green debt market through blockchain development and integration. This innovative blockchain platform provides timely and concise green bond validation and impact reporting, which helps ensure safe, private capital mobilization for combating climate The project follows the UN Sustainable Development Goals and supports the philosophy of the UN Paris Agreement.
  • Maitres is an innovative platform for restaurant booking and bill payment in Sweden. The system integrates cutting-edge technology allowing customers to obtain an all-in-one booking and payment app serving all their dining and recreation needs upon their identity and financial detail validation. For restaurants, Maitres is an excellent solution to combat fraud, automate booking and payment procedures, and to improve the user experience.

These and many other innovative startups bring the advantages of blockchain closer to the average consumer, changing the traditional ways of doing things, giving consumers more convenience and safety, improving the user experience at all levels, and safeguarding businesses from fraud.

And finally, tell us one more thing that we should know about you and your company?

4ire Labs also has a sister company, Datrics.ai, that operates in the territory of Sweden and has already attracted a Swedish investor. The Datrics team strives to empower organizations to take advantage of their valuable data assets and make more informed data-driven decisions. Datrics provides a competitively fast implementation making cutting-edge financial technology accessible to businesses of all sizes and types by delivering ready-made pipelines for tech integration without costly transition procedures.

How should people get in touch with you if they want to know more?

You can find me on LinkedIn here or visit our website at https://4irelabs.com/