31 Jan AI + INNOVATION PROJECT ROADSHOW-Shanghai Changyang Campus

Roadshow to Provide AI Application Scenario Solutions

Changyang Campus is located in Yangpu district, Shanghai China. With an area of 110,000 sqm and that for construction of 350,000 sqm planned, the campus is home to over 300 tech companies, where the unique industry is information technology led by artificial intelligence, and to roughly 20,000 young entrepreneurs graduated from globally renowned universities such as Stanford, Columbia, and Tsinghua. In the campus, you could see the China Innovaonnter of University of New South Wales, Baidu(Shanghai)innovation center, Dark Horse University, R&D and conversion platform for brain-inspired chips and intelligent system-on-chip, TusStar incubator, etc.

Changyang Campus has become a representative tech park in Shanghai and designated as an AI application scenario demonstration park by the city of Shanghai centering on AI+park.

We are exploring AI technologies for improved tech park management and services and many other application scenarios. We are also committed to AI company incubation with support to AI startups to launch their demonstrations and promotions here.


The campus provides various network connection solutions, such as optical fiber broadband, 4G mobile communication network, public wifi, internet of things, and broadcasting network. Besides, a visualized management display platform provides data interface for various intelligent equipment and applications.

Science and Technology Committee of Yangpu District and Changyang Campus has designated China-Europe Networks of Technology and Innovation (CENTI) as the overseas special supporting organization.

Both domestic and overseas AI-related companies are cordially invited to provide AI application scenario solutions. We are also looking forward to your suggestions.

The application scenarios drafted by us include but are not limited to the following:

Main Description of products to be selected

1 3DGIS campus modelling display

Basic data map of the tech park and 3D modelling

2 AI+ enterprise service scenario

AI legal service terminal/ robot; AI government affairs service terminal / robot

3 AI+ supporting financial service for companies within the campus

Smart financial service, AI securities house

4 AI+ supporting new retail commercial service for companies in the campus

AI supermarket, AI cafe, AI retail cart

5 AI+ education related supporting service for companies in the campus

AI+ language learning

6 AI+ transportation

AI bus, AI logistics distribution, smart paying system for car parking, charging robot for new energy vehicles

7 AI+ supporting service for campus environment and property management upgrading


Smart architecture control and management platform, AI sweeper, AI patrol robot, AI recycling terminal

We wish to invite you to communicate with Changyang Campus for AI product presentation. Representative projects will be selected through road shows by means of expert appraisal and will be part of the development of Changyang Campus AI+ Park. The first road show starts on Jan. 20th, 2019 at Multifunctional Hall, Changyang Auditorium, Changyang Campus, where online roadshow can be arranged for overseas projects. 7-8 minutes will be given to each project introduction, another 7-8 minutes for expert Q&A, and no more than 15 minutes in total for each project.


How to participate:

  1. Application time:Jan. 11th – Feb. 28th 24:00, 2019
  2. Materials to be prepared for the road show: PowerPoint presentations or short videos of your product
  3. Registration (Please provide the info below)
  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Contact Person/ Mobile Phone/ Wechat ID
  • Product Name
  • Brief Product Introduction
  • Application Scenario


  1. Contact email: hello@centi.group
    It is our honor to have you. We’re looking forward to your presence and your unique insight into AI application scenario solutions.




Science and Technology Committee, Yangpu District

Shanghai Changyang Campus

National Eastern Tech Transfer Center

China-Europe Networks of Technology and Innovation (CENTI Group)

January 10th, 2019