16 Mar CareWare-Next Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Application deadline April 10th at 12 PM.

Apply for nomination.

Get access to the Danish market. Gain recognition. Get qualified feedback from industry leaders Go to Application page (in Danish).


To furhter new ideas, innovators and entrepreneurs. The overall purpose of the CareWare Next initiative is to support and promote the growth of health and welfare innovation.

We are working to get the whole ecosystem actively involved – from citizens to municipal employees, students, researchers, research institutions, clever capital, professional organisations and businesses.

Q&A Health Event March 28

Get professional feedback on your idea or business.
We have gathered a group of top professional people who are all specialized in healthcare innovation – including development of products and business models within this field.

Seats are limited. Go to sign up confirmation page.

Contact Sussi Bianco for further information in English.

CareWare Next Entrepreneurship Award 2017

With this award we want to promote the growth of Danish entrepreneurs and startups that deliver or are about to deliver solutions within the health and welfare sector. The award goes to someone who is in the early startup stage with either a prototype or a limited amount of customers.  The CareWare Next judges will prioritize the idea that has the biggest overall potential for growth estimated by the following categories: “Promising Product”, “Organization with Necessary Competences”, and “Realistic Business Model”.

Go to Application page (in Danish).

Contact Sussi Bianco for further information in English.

CareWare Next Idea Award 2017

With this award we want to positively promote the creation of new ideas in Denmark.
There is a need for new thinking, and different ideas that, based on their individual value, can be developed into products and services. Therefore we would like to encourage groups, organisations, individuals, entrepreneurs, students, researchers, employees within the health care sector, citizens, relatives and inventors to participate in the CareWare Next Idea competition.

The Idea Award will go to someone who the CareWare Next judges estimate will create the biggest value for society and citizens if the idea is implemented.

Go to Application page (in Danish).

Contact Sussi Bianco for further information in English.


As one of the competition’s 8 nominees you will get:

  • Feedback from the CareWare Next judges
  • A spot in the accelerator course
  • A spot in the final where you will be presenting for both the CareWare Next judges, public collaborators and possible strategic collaborators
  • The possibility that CareWare Next will offer you a clarification course with an investor or potential collaborator or a free exhibition spot during the CareWare Conference 2018.

The Prize for both Awards

  • A mentor team consisting of the CareWare Next judges. This will give you the opportunity to implement your idea/business in close collaboration with competent partners who have a strong network and many years of experience within welfare solutions. (See CareWare Next judges page).
  • An office spot at INCUBA Startup Lab for 3 months with free access to INCUBA’s professional work environment and mentor team.

Target Group for Competition and Events

Entrepreneurs within healthcare who would be able to get their idea/business optimized by direct access to a strong ecosystem of public and private partnerships.

  • Stage 1: Idea. Need and potential solution identified.
  • Stage 2: Development. Testing and/or development.
  • Stage 3: Scaling. Sales, scaling and export.

If you have any questions, contact Sussi Bianco for further information in English.