31 Jan CENTI Group achieved a new partnership with CIECC

On January 8th, Our founder and CEO John Zai met with the Director and Vice secretary of party committee of China International Engineering Consulting Corporation (CIECC), Dongmin Yang, Business Development Director & Professor-level senior engineer Xiaohai Pan, and High Technology Center Supervisor Jiapeng Chen. Together they further discussed about the huge potential market in the tech and innovation sector between Europe and China.

CENTI Group’s founders and CEO John Zai & Director and Vice secretary of party committee of CIECC

During this meeting, CENTI Group has achieved a new partnership with China International Engineering Consulting Corporation (CIECC), the largest comprehensive project consulting company in China and a major consulting service provider for the investment and construction projects, which has completed more than 6,000 consulting business entrusted by governments and enterprises at all levels since its establishment in 1982. The total project investment was over 6 trillion Chinese yuan (around 779 billion Euros). It has completed a series of industry and regional development planning preparation and consulting assessment tasks and carried out a number of macro-thematic research projects.]

Now CIECC is seeking global expansion opportunities. As the overseas representative of CIECC, CENTI Group is committed to create business collaboration chances between Europe and China. Since CIECC is experienced in Economic and technological cooperation with foreign parties through their Studies and Reports, we are able to provide Market Research service across a wide range of industries in China. For over 30 years, CIECC has participated in hi-tech innovation areas including Space Technology projects like the ‘Chinese Lunar Exploration Program’ (China moon landing and exploring project), ‘Manned Space Missions’. It also provided consulting service to several projects as: Beijing Olympic venues, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and etc, which made a huge contribution to economic growth of Chinese society.

In collaboration with CIECC, CENTI Group has the capability to offer relevant training service and help with Market Expansion in China. Apart from that, gathering with tens thousands of influential experts in all industries, we can provide consulting service including Policy & Strategy Studies, Industrial Planning and Project Managements in many sectors.

CENTI Group (China-Europe Networks of technology and Innovation) is a cross-border platform connecting European technology start-ups and SMEs with the Chinese market. We work with investors, governments and tech enthusiasts around the world to help companies with their Fundraising, Market Expansion, Property Management (innovation spaces, incubators). Through our core services, we have created one of the largest ecosystem/network between Europe and China that is now facilitating the transfer of technology, ideas, and talent between the continents.

If you are interested in expanding your business in China, please contact us (hello@centi.group). Using our hubs and working with our partners, we have the capability to land companies into some of the most exciting locations in China.

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