22 Dec Christmas Nordic/Baltic Tech News, Events and Opportunities

Hello all and Welcome¬†to our Christmas newsletter…
ūü饬†December? Already? How did that happen?

The last month of the year may traditionally mean winding down for some. Not so in our world with news this month of new members, investments, great partnerships, events and fantastic progress for our members and community.

Thank you all for enabling us to help you meet, grow, thrive and create impact in 2021 – despite Covid!

New relationships have been built, existing ones strengthened, we have welcomed new Advocates and startups, delighted to have renewed our partnerships with KPMG, Magnusson, the Danish Industry Foundation and many others, and created new ones with the City of Copenhagen, the City of Helsinki, London Stock Exchange, Microsoft Reactor Stockholm, Connect Sverige, Netcompany, Promentum Equity Partners, Berlingske Media (Nordic Business) and ecosystem partners all over the region.

And if that‚Äôs not enough, we‚Äôve run 6 events, launched¬†Europe‚Äôs only international growth programme for female tech founders and tech companies led by women in Denmark and Finland with further rollouts planned for Sweden and the rest of the region. Not a women’s movement but a movement to ensure that everyone in Nordic/Baltic tech, irrespective of who you are or where you come from can use your talent to innovate and start/grow tech businesses and together deliver our vision: ‘Growing the Nordics/Baltics into a global tech/startup hub’ ! And yes, there’s more to diversity + inclusion than women. But we have to start somewhere.We‚Äôve achieved a lot this year …but we’ve barely got started!

We have big initiatives planned for 2022, as we work even closer with our members, partners and community. So, read on, and learn how to join us as an Advocate, startup, mentor or partner, to take advantage of the opportunities we offer across the Nordics and Baltics and globally.


¬†¬†Attended our Slush launch of “Helsinki Female Tech Founder Frontrunners”?¬†

ūüöĬ†¬†If so, you heard it…we’ve taken our international female tech founder mentoring programme to Finland.¬†So¬†pleased to have gathered so many amazing people from across the Helsinki/Finland/ international ecosystem at our Slush launch of¬†“Helsinki Female Tech Founder Frontrunners”¬†to help women create new and grow existing businesses in the digital/tech space. Are you a female tech founder already OR have a great idea and ready to kick-start your digital/tech business in 2022? If so, read on¬†and join our Programme¬†here:¬†Deadline for applications is 10 January 2022 for Programme start¬†February 2022. Spaces are limited and applications coming in fast. So HURRY UP and apply now!

THANK YOU to our amazing partners without whom our Slush launch event or “Helsinki Female Tech Founder Frontrunners” would not have happened/be happening :
Helsinki Partners¬†–¬†NewCo Helsinki¬†–¬†Magnusson¬†–¬†London Stock Exchange¬†–¬†Netcompany¬†–¬†The Shortcut¬†–¬†Helsinki Think Company¬†–¬†Women in Tech Finland¬†–¬†Epicenter Helsinki¬†–¬†Startup Foundation.

Once again, for more info and how to apply CLICK HERE. If you would like to support the programme as one of our rockstar mentors or experts CLICK HERE.

Meantime, we’ll look back at our Slush event with joy and pride.¬†In answer to our feedback question:¬†‚ÄúHow do you rate¬†the quality of the event overall?‚ÄĚ,¬†you rated us 4.6 out of 5.

We love it when a plan comes together! We’re on a mission to add value. So, thank you for letting us know you found our Slush event of value with comments such as:

“Have already reached out to individuals/companies regarding potential partnerships and how we can help each other”¬†

‚ÄĚVery intense program but I think this is good for the energy¬†level “

‚ÄĚThe overall organization was really fantastic!……!‚ÄĚ

There’s always something you can do better. So going for 5/5 next time!

¬† ¬†Congratulations¬†to¬†Cohort 3 on graduating from our¬†‚ÄúWomen in Tech‚ÄĚ International Mentoring Programme¬†in Denmark.

It’s a perfect chance at the end of the year to celebrate the third and final 2021 Cohort of the Danish international mentoring programme and reflect on what an inspiring journey the programme has been for all of us this year.

With the help of mentors, our partners and experts, our Cohort 3 ‘graduates’ have successfully navigated the course. Thanks to their hard work and relentless drive – amidst¬†Covid –¬† and excellent¬†support from each other, they¬†have all picked up and honed essential skills to create new and grow their existing digital/tech sector businesses across industry verticals. They deserve a shout out! So hip hip hoorray to Cohort 3:
Marie Olafsdottir¬†‚ÄstLillian Katrine Kofod¬†‚ÄstAditi Garg¬†‚ÄstCharlotte R√łnje¬†‚ÄstVera Reshetina¬†‚ÄstAnastasia Valentin Rasmussen¬†‚ÄstLotte Skovgaard Larsen¬†‚ÄstSusan Poulsen¬†‚ÄstMalou Nete Storm¬†‚ÄstAndreea Spaima¬†‚ÄstSarah Bach Munkholm¬†‚ÄstEmilie Frederikke M√łrck¬†‚ÄstMaria Johansen Andersen¬†‚ÄstIda Bjerga¬†‚ÄstChili Mollerup-madsen¬†‚ÄstLuna Christoffersen¬†‚ÄstAnne Sophie Stougaard Byder¬†‚ÄstPaula Petcu¬†‚ÄstMette Mikkelsen¬†‚ÄstArizo Osman

Well done all, and thank you once again to our 250+ mentors, experts, investors and partners for their hard work and support for the Cohort and our Programme.


Actions from ..”Access to Growth Finance, Stockholm”
In Sweden, we’ve been¬†connecting everyone who took part in our “Access to Growth Finance” event at Microsoft Reactor, Epicenter Stockholm, in partnership with Connect Sverige. We’re delighted that new business relationships and partnerships are being built and investment discussions under way between the investors and the companies that pitched. What it was all about! Thank you to¬†Connect Sverige¬†for partnering with us to deliver this important event, and to our other partners and¬†all who attended¬†for your contribution and excellent feedback – once again 4.6/5 with great suggestions for how we can do even better next time.

Also in Sweden, we’re delighted to be growing our¬†team and welcome aboard Candyce Costa. Candyce, who is already a long-term contributor, and also member of¬†Tech London Advocates¬†and¬†Global Tech Advocates,¬†is joining our expanding Comms team with responsibility for our social media communications. A seasoned¬†journalist and digital marketeer Candyce is also¬†the editor of¬†Female Tech leaders,¬†making her a great¬†complement to our women-in-tech growth Programme.
Reach out and connect with Candyce and welcome her to the Tech Nordic Advocates community here.

While in Sweden, our thanks to Barry O’Brien, who has led TNA Sweden and our external communications to date, and helped us build our solid community and partner network and impact initiatives in Sweden and across the Nordics/Baltics. Barry is returning to London with his family and will remain an honorary TNA’er, our ‘man in London’ and member of¬†Tech London Advocates¬†and¬†Global Tech Advocates ‘for life’.

Please join us in wishing Barry and his family the very best for their future lives in London.

NEWS FROM…DENMARK¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬†

Danish fintech firm Pleo has raised another $200 million on top of its last round in that nearly tripled its valuation to $4.7 billion. The company, which offers expense management tools and smart payment cards for businesses, is planning to roll out its services in several European countries, starting in Finland the Netherlands, France and Portugal.


And there’s more good news from Denmark, where Tradeshift announced this month a successful $200 million funding round.

Serving B2B markets, the late-stage startup¬†helps buyers and suppliers digitize their invoice processing¬†and¬†automate workflows for accounts payable. The new funds came from a combination of exciting and new investors and Tradeshift says it will use the injection to ‚Äúoptimize growth and continue scaling the business.‚ÄĚ

It’s another boost,¬†highlighting both the talent we can call on in the region and that¬†investors are clearly keeping their ears to the ground.


Icelandic microbility startup Hopp has secured $2.8 million in a fresh funding round. The  money will go towards expanding its e-scooter sharing franchise internationally. The injection from Venture capital firm Brunnur Ventures will help Hopp focus on expanding its services to smaller cities, local travel, and smaller fleets by enabling individuals to launch and operate franchises in their local area.

‚ÄúWe want to bring this technology to smaller cities where there is a big opportunity and to get locals to work with us. We want to bring the sharing economy to the way people travel daily,‚Ä̬†said CEO¬†Eyth√≥r Steinarsson

According to Hopp, more than 95% of cities in Europe with less than 500,000 inhabitants are currently unserved. Itcurrently has some 2,300 scooters and 170,000 users in three countries.


In the Baltics meanwhile, it’s been an end-of-year to remember for Riga-based startup Lokalise who announced this month they have raised  raised $50 million in a Series B funding round. Their platform plugs in to customers’ existing processes and  will massively cut the amount of time to deliver localizations and translations. Developers estimate this can save time by up to 90% for a task that can be cumbersone and take many hours if done manually.

With the new funding in place, (bringing it to a total of $56 million) Lokalise are looking to expand in terms of partnerships and product development.

Lokalise services some 2,500 customers ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies and includes major brands such as BASF, Revolut, Monday.com, and Arduino.


Hitting the sweet spot between tech and sustainability is at the heart of Oslo-based¬†Totalctrl‚Äôs¬†business idea. Charlotte Aschim and¬†Ingrid √ėstby¬†started the company having both worked in grocery stores as students and seen first-hand how much food gets wasted on a daily basis. They developed a digital tool to track food inventory at restaurants, hospitals, kindergartens and nursing homes, time ‚Äď as well as food waste ‚Äď can be saved. The startup has grown swiftly and has gained recognition¬†as¬†one of Europe‚Äôs most inspiring food waste change-makers¬†highlighted¬†by the European Food Waste Innovation Network.


International Accelerator for High Growth Tech Companies led by Women, 27 January, Matrikel1, Copenhagen
In Denmark, we’re launching Module 2 of our international women-in-tech growth programme: Europe’s first¬†“International Accelerator for High Growth Tech Companies led by Women”, with the first pre-Accelerator Bootcamp starting end January 2022. We kick off with a launch event on 27 January at¬†Matrikel1¬†(see image below). We’ve sent out invitations. If you haven’t¬†received one¬†and think you should be invited, please message¬†here¬†.

R-22 РLargest Nordic Robotics, Automation & Drone Fair, 23-25 March; Odense 

In March 2022, we’re excited to be partnering with R-22¬†to deliver the largest robotics, automation and drone fair in the Nordics.¬†We will have a stand and demo¬†innovative robotics/automation/drone technologies and solutions from our startup members, community and partners. If you’d¬†like to demo your solution on our R-22 stand, please¬†message.

We will also host two conferences:

  1. International Startup Growth Opportunities
  2. Denmark and Finland in the Lead for Female Tech Founders/ Leaders

It’ll be awesome. We can’t wait.

Registrations open 10 January 2022. For now, please make a note of the dates and follow us on SOME. Promise we’ll let you know when you can register.


Looking for legal advice from the best in the business?¬†Our legal partner¬†Magnusson,¬†has been recognized amongst “the cr√®me de la cr√®me of the European legal market” by being shortlisted for¬†The Lawyer¬†European Awards 2021- Law Firm of the Year under two categories:¬†The Baltics, and¬†Scandinavia and the Nordics.

Learn more¬†here¬†and learn how Magnusson can support you¬†here¬†ūüĎąūüŹĹ

Interested to understand more about Crypto and Blockchain?

According to their latest findings, 4ire Labs are among the top recommended and reviewed blockchain development companies in Ukraine this 2021, as recognized by The Manifest!

TNA member¬†4ire Labs¬†are our go-to experts, and recently, they launched their latest tech service –¬†NFT Marketplace Development.¬†They¬†also offer many clear articles about crypto, NFT’s, and blockchain development PLUS¬†expert guides that cover¬†a lot¬†on these new and fascinating¬†technologies.

Speaking of¬†4ire Labs¬†check outSwedish Stock Exchange forecaster and analyst Ecoptomist‚Äôs interview with 4IRE Labs¬†CEO, Helen Petrashchuk¬†and¬†Sweden¬†Sales Representative, Johan Lundin. It covers 4IRE‚Äôs background, their thoughts on the¬†future outlook for fintech, growing opportunities for blockchain technology and also access to developers.¬†4IRE¬†builds digital solutions and provides white-label products for companies mainly in fintch, di-fi and blockchain. They also have customers in SAAS, gaming and IoT and have their own take on the challenges of access to developers ‚Äď they founded their own talent academy.
Read¬†their latest¬†articles¬†here¬†and learn more about how they can help you, by getting in touch¬†hereūüĎąūüŹĹ

WISE has certainly had a 2021 to remember. You can catch an insightful discussion with¬†Taavet Hinrikus,¬†its co-founder and Chairperson¬†on the latest episode of our partner,¬†LSE‚Äôs¬†London Tech IPO podcast.¬†In the¬†episode, ‚ÄėGoing direct: a Wise decision,‚Äô Taavet¬†waxes lyrical on¬†the preparation and lead up to Wise‚Äôs 2021 direct listing. Listen to the podcast today.
The London Tech IPO Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts.


It’s always good to hear the word spreading about our great community so the more we pop up in the media the better.

Thank you very much Female Tech Leaders Community for covering our launch of our Finland Female Tech Founders Growth Programme 2022. You can read all about it in the magazine.

If you are a female founder in Finland, please have a look at our programme agenda and register HERE before 10 January.

Subscribe and read: https://bit.ly/3eaN6M1


We’re also excited to share news of an interview with our¬†CEO Jeanette Carlsson¬†in the Danish political publication¬†Altinget. It was a great opportunity for¬†Jeanette to¬†highlight the great things we are¬†achieving here in the community and weigh in on the¬†difficulties that are still faced by female entrepreneurs in¬†Denmark today. Interviewd together¬†with the¬†Mayor of Copenhagen Cecilia Lonning-Skovgaard, Jeanette underlined the¬†clear need to implement change on¬†several levels for female entrepreneurs to succeed in Denmark.¬†the pair also discuss the poor standing of Denmark compared with other OECD nations when it comes to female entrepreneurship ‚Äď over the past three and a half years, only around 4% of new companies have been started by women.

The reasons are manifold, from traditional prejudice they still face when looking to raise venture funding to a perceived lack of self-belief among female entrepreneurs that they have the relevant skills. In response, the City of Copenhagen is currently running a campaign to inspire and motivate more women to become entrepreneurs, through free workshops and resources, backed by a strong city wide awareness campaign. Read the full article here. (in Danish).


ūüíį¬†Did you know we offer¬†a¬†Startup/Investor Scouting Programme,¬†connecting fundraising startups/scaleups¬†with suitable investorsfrom our network? If you’re a startup/scaleup raising funds, get in touch¬†here.

If you’re an investor looking for deal flow, please¬†email us¬†for an introduction.

OR COULD YOU DO WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM A FRIEND?¬†¬†ūüí° Could¬†a¬†Mentor¬†help you?Did you know that we offer¬†a¬†global mentoring programme¬†matching our Advocates¬†with¬†mentors across the globe from our¬†Global Tech Advocates¬†network, spanning over 20 tech hubs globally? Join today (Solo membership¬†or¬†Business Membership) and get access to top quality mentors across all continents, who can help accelerate your growth.


Whether the year is ending or starting it‚Äôs always a good time to celebrate steps forward in gender equality. A huge hurrah then to our Tech London Advocates and Global Tech Advocates Founder Russ Shaw CBE, who was included in the top 50¬†Trailblazers for Gender Equality¬†List complied by¬†WeAreTheCity.¬†The list celebrates those who have been behind movements and cmaapigns over the year to push forward the gender quality agenda. Great to see so many members of the¬†Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates¬†communities included in¬†the list too, including¬†David Savage¬†Deborah O’Neill¬†Didem Un Ates (she/her)¬†Donna HerdsmanDr. Diahanne Rhiney BCAe¬†Edwina Dunn OBE¬†Flavilla Fongang¬†Julia StreetsProfessor Sue Black OBE¬†Richard Pickard¬†Vanessa Chiedza Sanyauke. As Russ says, a good reason to celebrate, but there‚Äôs plenty more to do yet‚Ķ.

Remember:¬†Tech Nordic Advocates is the Nordic/Baltic arm of Global Tech Advocates¬†(GTA) – the world’s only global tech/startup ecosystem spanning 22¬†global tech hubs.

Did you know we have our own global tech news hub? Check out GTA Connects

GTA Hubs Launching Soon:
‚ÄĘ Tech India Advocates formally launches on 3rd December
‚ÄĘ Tech South West England Advocates soft launches on 21st January
‚ÄĘ Tech Korea Advocates to launch in Q1 2022
‚ÄĘ Tech UAE Advocates aiming for Q1 2022 launch
‚ÄĘ Tech Berlin¬†Advocates aiming for Q1 2022 launch
‚ÄĘ Tech Nanjing Advocates to launch in 2022 (date tbc due to Covid)

If you are interested to expand from the Nordics and Baltics, into the UK, or any other 20+ places globally in our Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates network, reach out to us at Tech Nordic Advocates for an intro.


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