06 Feb Study and recommendations for making Copenhagen a Nordic FinTech Hub

In the spring of 2015 nine partners including Finansforbundet, Danish Bankers Association, City of Copenhagen, DJØF, Nets, Saxo Bank, BEC, Tryg and CFIR decided to initiate a study of the Danish fintech environment. The study was conducted by Oxford Research and Rainmaking Innovation and the results and recommendations were presented at a conference at Copenhagen City Hall the 9th of December 2015 with an opening welcome by Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, and Anna Mee Allerslev, Mayor of Employment and Integration in Copenhagen, providing the City of Copenhagen’s fintech vision. The summary and full report of the study “Copenhagen as a Nordic Fintech Hub” can be found below. ​

The full report can be found here:

Copenhagen as a Nordic Fintech Hub full report.pdf

The summary report can be found here:

Copenhagen as a Nordic Fintech Hub summary report.pdf


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