09 May Craft distilleries remain interesting to investors, Ägräs share issue sprints forward

Invest in growing businesses across Europe.
Craft distilleries are clearly still interesting to investors, as the Ägräs Distillery share issue has quickly reached 201% of its funding goal. Also the UK based BlueJay Music is close to its goal with 93% currently subscribed. Fitness Village is also approaching with 80%.In other offerings, Transfluent has plenty of time left and is approaching its €600,000 goal quickly. Transfluent is raising a maximum of €1.5m. Nimber, Stonelin and Skwibble are more or less tied in percentages, however the sizes of the offerings are quite different.You are also very welcome to attend Ägräs Distillery’s Finnish roadshow at the following dates and locations:

  • 2 May, 6–7 pm, A21 Decades, Annankatu 21, Helsinki
  • 3 May, 6–7 pm, Bar 4, Kristiinankatu 4, Turku
  • 6 May, 6–7 pm, Ägräs Distillery Tap Room, Peltokivi 7, Fiskars

Have a good rest of the week,

Lasse Mäkelä, CEOPlease remember that all investments carry a risk of losing capital. Invest responsibly.
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Open funding rounds

BlueJay Music – Social Radio

BlueJay adds a new dimension to online music. Live stream a playlist of your favourite songs from your mobile device to anyone – from close friends to an audience of thousands – in a real-time and interactive environment that includes group chat.

  • Licenced in the UK as a webcast service by the PRS and the PPL
  • iOS and Android apps already on the market
  • SEIS/EIS status for UK investors
12 Days left
140.135 GBP 150.294 GBP 300.584 GBP
Invested Minimum Maximum
United Kingdom Seed Technology
Fitness Village – The Game: Make fitness fun again!

The mission of the company is to make exercising and active lifestyle fun and versatile with gamification and sensor technology. Play and feel well!

  • Entertainment, activity, health and exercise under one single brand
  • Total target market of $60 billion
  • Committed team with strong background in both online gaming and fitness/health industry
15 Days left
119.439 EUR 149.989 EUR 500.015 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Seed Health & Fitness
Nimber – Going your way, anyway


  • Nimber had gross turnover of £509,000 in 2016
  • Nimber has partnerships with eg. Finn.no and Freeads
  • Nimber has facilitated over 25,000 deliveries since their foundation
20 Days left
212.440 GBP 600.000 GBP 900.000 GBP
Invested Minimum Maximum
United Kingdom Early Technology
Skwibble Ltd

Skwibble is the exciting new app allowing parents to record their child’s stories, celebrations & milestones safely and securely. Through our Playpens feature, friends & family can also contribute and share in the joy of your child’s early years too!

  • Proven market interest and unique solution for a well identified user target group
  • Initial traction upon soft launch in Q1 2017
  • Ready to scale up operation with further development power and marketing activities
27 Days left
35.391 GBP 100.000 GBP 175.000 GBP
Invested Minimum Maximum
United Kingdom Seed Internet Business
Ägräs Distillery goes international

From the heart of Fiskars Village, powered by ambition: Ägräs Distillery is on a mission to conquer the world with a selection of spirits that Finland can be proud of.

  • Currently two products out in the market: Ägräs Gin and Ägräs Akvavit
  • Ägräs Gin has been awarded bronze in the prestigious International Spirits Challenge 2017
  • More products expected to be launched already in 2017 and 2018
32 Days left
201.020 EUR 100.000 EUR 350.000 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Early Food and Drink
Transfluent – Language translation done right

Transfluent has been growing 8% per month for the past 30 months and reached EBITDA profitability in 2016! We have changed the way businesses handle their translation needs. Biggest companies from Finland and around the world are already customers.

  • Consolidated sales estimate 930k for 2016
  • Reached EBITDA profitability in 2016
  • Clients include Pinterest, Barona Group, Elisa, Fonecta, Cap Gemini, Pfizer and many more
35 Days left
386.230 EUR 599.992 EUR 1.551.278 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Growth Professional and Business Services
iOT Stonelin Communications Limited
IoT internet of things is presently the “buzz technology”. The concept involves collecting data from the surrounding world using hardware, devices and presenting this information in a useful format. We design, develop and manufacture such devices.
70 Days left
86.000 GBP 250.000 GBP 1.000.000 GBP
Invested Minimum Maximum
United Kingdom Seed Technology

Showcased pitches

Skwish – Coming soon
A freelancer’s best friend. A tool to manage your Clients, Projects and Tasks; Collaborate with your team, quote for work while reducing emails and improving your client experience. Become a better freelancer. Skwish – Freelancing made simple.
Coming soon!
United Kingdom Seed Technology

The Scandinavian grocery market is a 60 billion EUR market, which has not yet been digitalized and disrupted. Netpris is an online shop that provides the lowest prices on well-known grocery brands delivered directly to the consumer’s door.

  • Proved business model with over 14 million DKK turnover in 2016
  • Ready to start international expansion in the Nordics
  • First step towards a public listing in the next years
Coming soon!
Denmark Growth E-Commerce
Medicortex brain injury diagnostics – Coming soon
Have you ever hit your head and become a bit confused? Have your children encountered such a situation, or have you seen ice-hockey players colliding and lying on ice? You may have witnessed a brain injury.
Coming soon!
Finland Seed Biotechnology
Pikseli Virtual Reality Arcade – Coming soon
Pikseli Arcade redefines the leisure activities industry with a new concept of virtual reality entertainment centers.
Coming soon!
Finland Seed Leisure and Tourism
Ezylet is an exciting property portal aimed at the untapped private rental market. Landlords, Agents & Tenants can access a host of property services all in one place leading to enhanced profits & better customer experience. That’s the Ezylet way!
Coming soon!
United Kingdom Seed Internet Business
The amazing new and easy way to buy and sell a used car. An online peer to peer marketplace that puts convenience, value and trust back into the used car industry; and offers buyers and sellers a better value for their car and money.
Coming soon!
United Kingdom Seed Consumer products