12 May €30m invested through Invesdor

Invest in growing businesses across Europe.
We are very happy to announce that we just reached the milestone of €30m invested via our service. We owe the thanks for this accomplishment to all the investors and companies who have used our service since we started in 2012. Thank you, everyone!Now, back to business after this brief moment of celebration. We’re approaching the last moments to invest in Fitness Village whose offering reached 126% yesterday. Tomorrow is the last day to invest in this Finnish gaming company. Do note that you need to have a Finnish book-entry account to be able to invest in the offering.

We also have two new cases to publish: First, the fast growing online store Netpris whose offering opened last week, and today’s Medicortex, a company creating a quick and easy diagnostics test for traumatic brain injury, a severely underdiagnosed condition.

These days we are starting to have growing numbers of UK investment cases. If you would like to learn more about our current UK investment cases, tune in to our webinar tomorrow; register here.

Have a good rest of the week,

Lasse Mäkelä, CEO

All investments carry a risk of losing capital. Invest responsibly.

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Fitness Village – The Game: Make fitness fun again!

The mission of the company is to make exercising and active lifestyle fun and versatile with gamification and sensor technology. Play and feel well!

  • Entertainment, activity, health and exercise under one single brand
  • Total target market of $60 billion
  • Committed team with strong background in both online gaming and fitness/health industry
32 Hours left
188.369 EUR 149.989 EUR 500.015 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Seed Health & Fitness
Nimber – Going your way, anyway

Nimber is a matching platform for deliveries. We match people who need to send with those going that way anyway, creating a delivery solution that is convenient, cost effective and sustainable.

  • Nimber had gross turnover of £509,000 in 2016
  • Nimber has partnerships with eg. Finn.no and Freeads
  • Nimber has facilitated over 25,000 deliveries since their foundation
6 Days left
244.140 GBP 600.000 GBP 900.000 GBP
Invested Minimum Maximum
United Kingdom Early Technology
Skwibble Ltd

Skwibble is the exciting new app allowing parents to record their child’s stories, celebrations & milestones safely and securely. Through our Playpens feature, friends & family can also contribute and share in the joy of your child’s early years too!

  • Proven market interest and unique solution for a well identified user target group
  • Initial traction upon soft launch in Q1 2017
  • Ready to scale up operation with further development power and marketing activities
13 Days left
37.159 GBP 100.000 GBP 175.000 GBP
Invested Minimum Maximum
United Kingdom Seed Internet Business
Ägräs Distillery goes international

From the heart of Fiskars Village, powered by ambition: Ägräs Distillery is on a mission to conquer the world with a selection of spirits that Finland can be proud of.

  • Currently two products out in the market: Ägräs Gin and Ägräs Akvavit
  • Ägräs Gin has been awarded bronze in the prestigious International Spirits Challenge 2017
  • More products expected to be launched already in 2017 and 2018
18 Days left
255.740 EUR 100.000 EUR 350.000 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Early Food and Drink
Heliomotion Home Solar Power Plant

HelioZenit has a unique product for house owners who want to generate their own renewable energy: the tracking Heliomotion Home Solar Power Plant generates electricity at full power from sunrise till sunset.

  • Maximized solar energy production for households
  • Easy to install and maintain solution
  • Experienced engineering team leading the company
20 Days left
32.100 EUR 60.000 EUR 240.000 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Seed Technology
Neonto – Industrial Revolution in Software Design

Before Henry Ford, cars were artisanal products. Today, cars are built by robots and designed in CAD. Neonto does the same for software applications. We take software from artisan craft to a controlled process. It’s the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

  • Three unique products on the market
  • Products used in over 120 countries by over 3,500 users
20 Days left
62.298 EUR 198.560 EUR 400.098 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Early IT and Telecommunications
Netpris – online supermarket
The Scandinavian grocery market is a 60 billion EUR market, which has not yet been digitalized and disrupted. Netpris is an online shop that provides the lowest prices on well-known grocery brands delivered directly to the consumer’s door.
21 Days left
692.621 DKK 2.000.000 DKK 7.000.000 DKK
Invested Minimum Maximum
Denmark Growth E-Commerce
Investors House CF 1
Investors House CF 1 Oy is a company founded by the Nasdaq Helsinki listed Investors House Oyj. It owns and rents out plots of land for housing and real estate companies. Invest in land – they’re not making it anymore.
21 Days left
103.000 EUR 300.000 EUR 600.000 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Seed Other
Transfluent – Language translation done right

Transfluent has been growing 8% per month for the past 30 months and reached EBITDA profitability in 2016! We have changed the way businesses handle their translation needs. Biggest companies from Finland and around the world are already customers.

  • Consolidated sales estimate 930k for 2016
  • Reached EBITDA profitability in 2016
  • Clients include Pinterest, Barona Group, Elisa, Fonecta, Cap Gemini, Pfizer and many more
21 Days left
409.808 EUR 599.992 EUR 1.551.278 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Growth Professional and Business Services
Medicortex – Rapid biochemical diagnostics for brain injury

Have you ever hit your head and become a bit confused? Have your children encountered such a situation, or have you seen ice-hockey players colliding and lying on ice? You may have witnessed a brain injury.

31 Days left
60.748 EUR 120.000 EUR 560.000 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Seed Biotechnology
iOT Stonelin Communications Limited
IoT internet of things is presently the “buzz technology”. The concept involves collecting data from the surrounding world using hardware, devices and presenting this information in a useful format. We design, develop and manufacture such devices.
56 Days left
92.250 GBP 250.000 GBP 1.000.000 GBP
Invested Minimum Maximum
United Kingdom Seed Technology

Showcased pitches

Pikseli Virtual Reality Arcade – Coming soon
Pikseli Arcade redefines the leisure activities industry with a new concept of virtual reality entertainment centers.
Coming soon!
Finland Seed Leisure and Tourism