03 Feb GTA Profinda Info Re Migration

Hello all Advocates

This is an important message with what we hope you agree is super exciting news.

As we discussed at our Summit in Stockholm, Tech Nordic Advocates – along with Tech London Advocates, Tech North Advocates (North of England), Tech Bay Advocates (San Fran), and soon TLA China, India, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand – is now part of Global Tech Advocates, the only global network of senior tech leaders and entrepreneurs in the world.

With the launch of Global Tech Advocates, we want to give TNAers and Partners all the benefits that come with being part of a global network. First step will be to migrate our (TNA) collaboration platform from Podio to ProFinda to join the rest of our Global Tech Advocates family. I’m sure you agree this is super exciting.

ProFinda already has over 2,500 active Advocates from around the world and a knowledge hub of over 400 previously answered questions and tech related discussions.

This message is to inform you about the migration. You do not need to do anything. The TNA Secretariat and ProFinda will migrate you across. You will receive an email when this has happened. All you’ll then need to do is click to complete the registration, check that you’ve been added to the correct Working Groups, and from there you can use the ProFinda platform to get help, connect and recruit from Advocates globally.

You’ll be given pop-up instructions during your first few uses of ProFinda but if you have any questions on how to use it, you can reach out using the help button and someone from the ProFinda team, who are all passionate Advocates themselves, will give you a hand.

Please note: if you do NOT want to migrate across to ProFinda, please let us know. However, please note that we will sunset Podio, upon completion of the full migration.