26 Jun HOT June Nordic/Baltic Tech News, Events and Opportunities

Hi everyonewelcome to our June newsletter.
Wow, unprecedented times for sure! We hope you’re staying safe and healthy and feeling positive. With Q2 coming to an end, we want to share lots of great news and opportunities, and hope it inspires you for the rest of the year. Firstly…
We’re proud and honoured to welcome two new members to our leadership team:

Stine Bosse, Chair of TNA, is the former Group CEO of Tryg, the second largest general insurance provider in the Nordics; former Board member of TDC (Danish telco) and Nordea, now board member of Allianz, the global financial services company and chair of TeleGreenland. Stine is also a UN adviser and twice voted one of the world’s most influential business women. Recently, she chaired the Danish Tech-DK Commission, examining the impact of tech on society. She’s an inspirational thinker on leadership and innovation and recognized for her approach to diversity, customer focus and comms.

Santtu von Bruun is our Board Member for Finland. Santtu is Head of Innovation and Urban Experimentation, City of Helsinki, Mayor’s Office and Office of Economic development; Chairman of the Board of Maria 0-1, Helsinki’s premier startup hub and our Helsinki home; Member of the Board, Forum Virium Helsinki, and plays a key role in the Finnish startup ecosystem. Santtu is playing a key role in TNA’s expansion in Finland, and in shaping and executing our ‘New Nordics’ strategy and impact across the Nordic and Baltic digital/tech startup ecosystem.

Fundraising? Did you know that we offer a Startup/Investor Scouting Programme, connecting fundraising startups/scaleups with suitable investors from our network for a % finders fee? Right now, we’re working on rounds for CyberTechTravelTech and BioTech companies. If you’re a startup/scaleup raising funds, get in touch here OR if you are an investor looking for deal flow, please contact us.

Need Expert Mentoring? Did you know that we offer a global mentoring programme matching our members with mentors across the globe from our Global Tech Advocates network, spanning 16 tech hubs globally? Join today (Solo membership or Business Membership) and get access to top quality mentors across all continents, who can help accelerate your growth. 

Check out our next events here


Magnusson We’re always really excited to welcome new business members to our ecosystem to support YOU and grow our Nordic/Baltic tech startup/scaleup community.  

We’re delighted to welcome Magnusson, the International Business Law Firm as a new business member and our exclusive legal partner. Magnusson provides legal services across the Nordic – Baltic Region and beyond. The firm’s legal services are tailored to provide value-added assistance to its clients, keeping their business needs at the forefront. Magnusson has specific focus on assisting start-ups and tech clients. Stay tuned for news of great, new growth initiatives with Magnusson 

Says Nikolaj Juhl Hansen, Managing Partner, Magnusson Law. Denmark:

“We highly appreciate the opportunity to join the Tech Nordic Advocates community. Our technology lawyers in every Magnusson office have deep knowledge of the latest legal developments and businesses that all startups and growth companies need to know about. We are highly experienced in technology and IP, finance, labour law, and company law in sectors such as IT services, media, sports & entertainment, environment, energy, gaming, and MedTech. Magnusson is the right legal partner for businesses, from new-born startups and scaleups to full maturity and beyond.”

Got a question for Magnusson?  Get in touch with Magnusson here

4ire Labs
We’re very excited to welcome Swedish-Ukrainian IT company 4ire Labs, led by Helena Petrashchuk, CEO. With offices in Sweden, Estonia and Ukraine, 4ire Labs research and develop innovative IT solutions in retail, fintech and defi, based on AI, Blockchain and Analytics. Says Helena Petrashchuk, CEO:

“We’re really pleased to be invited to join Tech Nordic Advocates and 4ire Labs teams both in Ukraine and Sweden are excited to develop further the Nordic Innovation Network in Sweden and help the local сompanies with the Digital Transformation based on the innovative technologies like Blockchain, Data Science and mobile tech.”

Got a project in mind or want to talk to 4ire Labs? Get in touch here


Just before lockdown, we were excited to welcome Defentry –  leading cybersecurity company founded 2015 in Stockholm, led by Christer Hernestig, Founder/CEO. Defentry have developed a technology for identity safety and real-time threat intelligence with a platform, which scans governmental, open-web, deep-web and dark-web sources to alert clients if their personal information is changed or leaked to minimize the risk of potential ID thefts, frauds and corporate breaches. Defentry acquired Dan Egerstad’s company in 2018 to obtain market leading know-how with regard to identifying, monitoring and alerting about credential leaks. Get in Touch with Defentry here

During lockdown, we were delighted to welcome Outsized, the leading Swedish platform offering access to flexible professional expertise, curated for the needs of the financial services sector, led by Niclas Thelander, Founder and CEO.
Outsized matches client needs with professional freelance experts serving a range of clients from big name brands to smaller firms across the financial services sector. Professional freelancer looking for your next role OR financial services firm in need of flexible professional talent, get in touch with  Outsized here

The hotel industry is one of many that have been badly effected by the global pandemic, so it’s exciting to see creative ideas and services launching out of the sector, in Sweden. Everyone loves the feeling of those crisp hotel sheets, cool bathroom smellies and comfy pillows, when staying at a hotel. Now you can have all of those, brought to your home, for a good price.

The collaboration between L2GO and Nordic Choice Hotels, offers a new service that let’s you book a kind person to come and set up the hotel experience, in your own apartment or house. Take a look here: https://l2go.com/


In May, with support from the Danish Growth Fund, we launched our new Covid19 Business Support  hub – Startup Ecosystem COVID-19 Resource Hub  – a digital platform, offering free help, advice, access to investors, mentors, partners and resources for the digital/tech startup ecosystem in Denmark. We have since supported a high number of digital/tech startups through the Pandemic, and have got fantastic feedback from the startups and scaleups we have helped as well as all our partners. Big thanks to our 17 (and rapidly growing) partners for their ongoing support, as we refine and upscale the hub and free advice and offers to digital tech/startups, at this troubling time. Check out what’s on offer via the link. 

Members of our leadership team and community members, were involved in mentoring teams and developing solutions during the Covid19 Hackathon weekends in Sweden, and EU wide. Barry O’Brien, Board Member for Sweden, mentored over ten teams during two weekends, helping them to develop solutions related to re-training, PPE logistics and retail. Take a look at one solution, Collabmaker, here.


Earlier this month, we launched our new partnership with Canada, led by the Canadian Embassy in Denmark and Montréal International. Initial focus was our 13 June “Expansion to North America Webinar“, offering Nordic startups an insight into expansion opportunities in and chance to connect directly with Canadian target clients and partners. Excited for all who joined the webinar and grabbed the chance to connect directly thereafter.

– whilst outside the Nordics/Baltics, did you know that we now have 16 tech hubs ‘live’ in GTA  – YOUR platform for international expansion and the world’s only global tech community, of which TNA is the Nordic/Baltic arm. Five more hubs will go live later this year and into 2021, including the Netherlands, Australia, Emerging Europe, India and Korea. See below for how you join our gateway to the world!


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