19 Mar Nordic/Baltic Tech: What you need to know in March

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Mid-March already – Spring is coming and Spring in our Nordic/Baltic tech/startup ecosystem footsteps too.  Diving straight in…

Seen it but not actioned yet…?  Earlier this month, we launched our new pan-TNA Collaboration Platform and Digital Hub ‘Leader Island’.. where the TNA community come together, reach out to each other, talk, post, share, collaborate. TNAers have received an email to join Leader Island and also a direct invitation from the platform. ACCEPT IT NOW TO GAIN ACCESS TO THE TNA COMMUNITY!


Smart City/IOT Working Group:

#SmarterCitiesNOW event – 10-11 April, London
Once again, we’re partnering with the Smart to Future Cities Summit, 10-11 April 2019, London under our #SmarterCitiesNOW: Sustainable Urban Development Collaboration Forum, featuring Nordic/Baltic smart city leadership at this international event.
Our Founder is chairing DAY 1 of the Summit. Come join us and show the world what we in the Nordics/Baltics mean by smart city/urban innovation. Tickets here: http://bit.ly/smarttofuturecitiesGet in touch for your exclusive Advocate discount code

Health Tech Working Group:

Nordic HealthTech Talents Demo Day – 12th April, Copenhagen 
Nordic HealthTech Talents is a 1-year development program offering business and leadership training for 11 startup teams in the Nordic countries. The program aims to identify and elevate the best upcoming HealthTech talents and ideas, and build a Nordic community, and is funded by Novo Nordisk Foundation and run by Venture Cup Denmark in collaboration with our many partners including Tech Nordic Advocates.  More information and (zero) cost tickets on a first come first serve basis here:

Fintech space Working Group:

London Tech Week: “The Best of Nordic/Baltic (fin)Tech Summit”, 11 June, Barclays Rise
London Tech Week is coming up and with that our Nordic/Baltic fintech space showcase and matchmaking event
“The Best of Nordic/Baltic (fin)Tech Summit”, 11 June, like last year, hosted and sponsored by Barclays. Once again, we’re bringing high growth #Nordic & #Baltic (Fin)Tech Space (fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrency, regtech, AI, data analytics, cybersecurity) startups and scaleups to London to pitch to, meet and network with global investors and growth partners, in partnership with Nordic, Baltic and global partners and investors. We’ll also be launching and taking applications for our Nordic/China trade mission. Don’t miss it. See link & image for programme & partners. Register here (free for TNAers). Get in touch for brilliant sponsor options

Nordic/China Community:

Our China Partner – Tech Shanghai AdvocatesCENTI GROUP*  – Founder and CEO, John Zai visited Copenhagen to speak about China blockchain trends and opportunities at the 28 February Fintech Disrupt Summit and visit Innovation House China-Denmark and BLOXHUB to discuss partner opportunities.

*(CENTI Group is a cross-border platform connecting European technology startups and SMEs with the Chinese market, working with investors, governments and tech enthusiasts around the world to help companies with Fundraising, Market expansion and) Property management (innovation spaces, incubators).

CENTI GROUP are in the process of launching its CENTI Hi !Tech Season (HITS) initiative bringing European, including Nordic/Baltic tech companies to the Chinese market and facilitating collaboration. Stay tuned for more info on HITS!

Interested in China expansion? Need help to prepare for China market entry and/or meet the right partners/investors? Join our Nordic-China Community on Leader Island (top of the newsletter) led by TNA Board Member Anders Kjoller (far right picture) or Get in touch 

China Digital Innovation Expo (CDIE) 15-17 May, Shanghai
Want to meet and network with global innovation and digital leaders at the China Digital Innovation Expo (CDIE) 15-17 May, Shanghai? TNA offer 20% discount on tickets to China’s biggest Digital Innovation/CIO Summit. Want to go? Get in touch 

Legal space Working Group:

Our IP/patent partner Potter Clarkson has had a busy first month as new Partners in the Tech Nordic Advocate community.  Jesper Sellin from our Stockholm office attended the Stockholm FinTech week, and Dave Clark hosted an IP drop in clinic in our Stockholm office. Further IP clinics will take place in the coming months.  Dave is also coordinating our support for the TNA Best of Nordic/Baltic (fin)Tech Summit in London this June. Got a question? Get in touch with Potter Clarkson in Copenhagen or Stockholm here:

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