03 Feb TNA Newsletter January 2017

Dear Advocates, Partners and Friends,

Hope you’ve had a great start to 2017. What a month for TNA! Here’s the exciting news to kick off the year.

Latest news

Migration to Profinda Global Tech Advocates collaboration platform
On 23 Jan, you received an email informing you that we’re migrating from Podio collaboration platform to Profinda Global Tech Advocates. With the launch of Global Tech Advocates and TNA sibling networks in Silicon Valley, India, China, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand etc, we want to give Advocates and Partners all the benefits that come with being part of a global invitation-only tech leader network. First step will be to join our global family of tech leaders on ProFinda, which enables all Advocates and Partners to reach out to each other and our tech leader family around the world. I’m sure you agree this is super exciting.

You don’t need to do anything. The TNA Secretariat and Profinda will manage the migration. You’ll receive an email when this has happened with instructions on how to engage with Profinda. Stay tuned!

National Tech Hub programme
We’ve now signed National Tech Hub collaboration agreements in 6 of the 8 Nordic and Baltic countries, including:

These are all buzzing homes to startups, entrepreneurs and tech innovators. If you’re in any of these cities, and need to camp for a short while, please go to these hubs and say you’re a TNAer!. More to follow on tech hub agreements in Latvia and Norway.

Latest from the Working Groups
Smart City/IOT Working Group
The Smart City/IOT Working Group, chaired by Michael Ferm, Global Head of Public Lighting, of TNA partner Zumtobel Group, has launched a mini-survey to ask Working Group members what they would like the Group to focus on during 2017. This is to ensure that the Working Group delivers on Advocates’ and Partners’ top priorities. Key goals (KPIs) for the Smart City/IOT Working Group will be to work together to create new, collaborative innovation projects, partnerships, awareness of the value of being a Tech Nordic Advocates partner and new Smart City/IOT solutions to commercialize. We will report back on the results of the Survey. For now, please help by answering the 4 simple questions in the survey. (also open to non-Working Group members)

Tech Talent working Group 
The key 2017 focus areas for the Tech Talent working group, led by Human Shojaee, CEO, Venture Cup are:

  • ENGAGING IN WORLD CUP – Engaging the working group with University Startup World Cup 17 – Talent summit: See winners here: http://venturecup.dk/venture-cup-challenge-17-winners/
  • FEMALE TECHIES: Making tech more interesting and accessible for women
  • TALENT DEVELOPMENT – Focusing on higher education ecosystems and corporate partnership programs as well as exchanges with London/internationally
  • MENTORING – Introducing a Nordic Mentoring Setup

More to follow on the activities in each of these areas

eHealth/Welfare Tech Working Group 
The key 2017 focus areas for the eHealth/Welfare Tech working group, led by Jens Andersen, Sales Director, Nordics & Baltics, Ascom are:

1.The Healthcare Challenge – a ticking bomb on society
2. Innovation and Digitalisation – the only way forward
3. Lower entry barrier and Grow start-ups in sector

Key KPIs for 2017 include: to foster new partnerships and innovation projects involving municipalities across the Nordics and Baltics working with tech companies and startups to develop and implement new solutions to the above challenges, while at the same time providing new scaling-opportunities for Nordic/Baltic eHealth/Welfare tech startups (in collaboration with Nordic Innovation).

The TNA ehealth/Welfare tech Working Group collaborates with Tech London Advocates Health tech working group.

Finally, if you’re in Copenhagen on 8 March, check out the Medico Bazaar 2017. Super opportunities for networking and pitching for all across the ecosystem, including startups.

FinTech Working Group 
The 2017 priorities for the FinTech working group, led by Lawrence Wintermeyer, CEO, Innovate Finance, are:

  • Two events in the Nordics to promote the FinTech ecosystem and bring influencers together – see OsloFinTech weekFinTech & the Making of a Cashless Society and Money20/20 Europe below. More FinTech events to follow
  • Promote TNA’s work at the Innovate Finance global summit in London April 10 -11–  30% discount on tickets exclusively for Advocates (please email· info@technordicadvocates.org)
  • Produce a diversity landscape report, focusing on specific FinTech hubs. Nordics to be included in the research. Report to identify good working practises for diversity and identify needs to address issues impacting the future of FinTech’s workforce.

The key KPI for the FinTech working group will be to focus on using the group for knowledge sharing & collaboration.

Launch of Startup Guide London 
If you are looking to expand your business in London, check out the newly launched Startup Guide London, which tells you all you need to know to get started and underway in London.

Latest from our Partners

Invesdor are looking to hire a Project Manager for their IT team. Know anyone?

Goodwille Ltdare ready to support startups and SMEs providing all back-end services to establish and grow your business under one roof. Check out Goodwille’s blog on 3 essential elements to consider outsourcing.

Zumtobel Group – innovator in LED indoor and outdoor lighting and smart city deployments, continue their impressive roll-out. Thorn Lighting’s Altis and Mundial floodlights were installed at Leicester City FC to elevate the facility to Premier League standards, prior to their title win that was described as the greatest sporting upset ever, or the best football fairy-tale of history.   The lighting refurbishment work commenced before the club became champions of the Premier League as the clubs King Power Stadium had to meet the levels of vertical illuminance required for HDTV sport coverage. Offering a unique combination of photometrics, 192 x 2KW Altis and 12 x 2W Mundial floodlights were installed by floodlighting specialists PWP Building Services, Nottingham to provide 1650 lux to main camera position with extremely low levels of flicker to allow for super slow motion viewing.

TNA offer unique business benefits to Partners. Check out the TNA partner page:

Recent events 
16 January was the launch of the Great Northern, a buzzing tech/cultural/creative melting pot in Skellefteå, Northern Sweden, where design, technology and business blend to form a thriving startup community. It is an ambitious mix of co-working space, incubators, event arenas, startups and established businesses.

Forthcoming Events 
Oslo FinTech Fest – 9 February  – Oslo – Norway
On 9 February 2017, Oslo FinTech are gathering the Nordic and international FinTech Community at OsloFinTech Fest, at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Oslo. Come hear FinTech leaders, including TNA partner Invesdor  and our Founder and Chair, Jeanette Carlsson discuss the latest FinTech trends and opportunities, and how to secure a key global position Nordic Fintech. For tickets, please email: info@technordicadvocates.org.

Tech Chill – 9/10 February –  Riga – Latvia
On 9th and 10th of February, Riga will host Tech Nordic Advocates‘ partner event Tech Chill –  which brings together startups, entrepreneurs, challengers and curious minds from the Baltics and beyond with our very own Founder and Chair, who will moderate a panel on internationalisation of Nordic and Baltic startups. Exclusive 20% off tickets to Advocates. For discount code, please email: info@technordicadvocates.org

FinTech and the making of a cashless society – Swedish Chamber of Commerce – 9 February – London
On February 9, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in London host the ‘FinTech and the making of a cashless Society‘ at London & Partners’ offices in London. Click on link for tickets.

Money 20/20 Europe – 26-28 June – Copenhagen – Denmark
On 26-28 June, Copenhagen, once again, hosts Money 20/20 Europe – the European arm of the world’s largest payment and financial services event. As in 2016, TNA are media partners, offering Advocates €200 off the standard ticket price. For more info, email: info@technordicadvocates.org

For other TNA and Partner events planned for Spring 2017, see the Event page on the TNA website 

Next steps: key focus areas:

  • Complete National Tech Hub Programme
  • Appoint National Champions across the 5 Nordic and 3 Baltic countries
  • Progress work in Working Group focus areas and launch more working groups
  • Progress event programme
  • Progress actions from Stockholm Summit

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Stay tuned for more exciting news in February