18 Sep Two new exciting funding rounds: Yepzon & Sanoste

Invest in growing businesses across Europe.

Let’s give a warm welcome to this week’s first new case: Yepzon. Yepzon provides tech leading locating devices with a reliable and highly profitable service. It pays off to act fast, as all investors placing their investments latest today, 13 September, will receive a Yepzon Freedom (value €149) or Yepzon ONE (value €97)! Read more about Yepzon.

The other new funding round this week is Sanoste. Sanoste is in the business of enriching the everyday life of the elderly by providing rehabilitating and recreational virtual services. Get more information about Sanoste.

In other pitches’ news, Tubecon launched a benefits package for all their investors. The package includes tickets to any Tubecon event in Europe in 2018. There are still two days left to invest in Tubecon and claim your package.

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Lasse Mäkelä, CEO

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Join the connected generation movement creating the future of media!

  • Building a pan-European event network and multi-platform media that reaches millennials
  • Tubecon is the largest online video event organiser in the Nordics
  • International licensing model with successful events in Finland, Sweden and Spain
2 Days left
253.175 EUR 375.000 EUR 1.200.000 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Growth Media and Creative services
Sharpfin – Fintech in growth phase

Sharpfin lives the vision to automate the EUR 80 trillion assets wealth management industry. Invest in one of the most promising B2B Fintech companies with proven business model and growing customer base.

  • Highly relevant product offering within the asset management industry
  • Sharpfin has 500 million EUR under management and growing
  • Clients include, among others, Consensus Asset Management and Privat Consult
13 Days left
1.243.055 SEK 1.650.000 SEK 4.950.000 SEK
Invested Minimum Maximum
Sweden Seed Technology
TWID: Monthly recurring revenue growth 346% in three years

TWID is the leading online training software in Finland. Our monthly recurring revenue is currently 327.000 euros per year. When it comes to growth, we aim high. Next up are the rest of Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Russia.

  • MRR is currently 27,265 euros
  • Customers include e.g. Mika D. Rubanovitsch, Academy of Brain, Lääkärikeskus Aava, The Club Company (UK) and Jana Stewart (USA)
  • Experienced founding and management team with experience in exits, scaling and international sales
17 Days left
68.018 EUR 200.417 EUR 600.000 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Early IT and Telecommunications
COPLA Scaffold – rebuilding healthy joint surfaces

Joint pain? Often the underlying cause is cartilage damage – an unsolved medical issue affecting numerous people and animals. With the COPLA Scaffold™, healing joint surface damage to regain healthy movement is now possible.

  • Medtech innovation that can solve cartilage-related problems
  • Years of scientific research experience
  • Starting sales to veterinarians, later expanding to human patients
19 Days left
242.774 EUR 450.024 EUR 650.013 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Seed Biotechnology
Sanoste – active ageing and a better life

Elderly care is in crisis and elderly people feel lonely. Sanoste attempts to resolve this problem in our society. With our digital platform, we provide rehabilitating and recreational virtual services and enrich the everyday life of the elderly.

  • Platform that brings together scattered networks of service providers, customers and elderly.
  • Virtual services supporting the everyday life of the elderly is a new and growing market.
  • Similar service concept does not currently exist anywhere on the market.
20 Days left
45.008 EUR 72.500 EUR 507.500 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Early Technology
My Locum Choice- Revolutionising UK healthcare

My Locum Choice are looking to disrupt UK Healthcare by creating a self-serve online platform and app that will remove the reliance upon agencies and drastically improve the processes to source temporary workers, as proven with their Pharmacy MVP.

  • Qualified for SEIS tax relief
  • MVP attracted over 1,400 pharmacies and 1,300 locums
  • Platform can be extended to other health industry sectors
20 Days left
46.695 GBP 99.998 GBP 199.995 GBP
Invested Minimum Maximum
United Kingdom Seed Technology
Yepzon™ – Going number One in locating business

Yepzon provides tech leading locating devices with a uniquely reliable, highly profitable service. This easily scalable platform already offers additional safety for thousands of people every day.

  • 45% average subscription base growth per quarter.
  • Three different location technologies in one provides a competitive edge.
  • Yepzon is the preferred brand by leading distributors both domestically and globally.
23 Days left
649.392 EUR 450.000 EUR 1.300.000 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Growth Technology
Technology leader in fertility treatments grows!

Infertility is a growing problem affecting many couples’ dreams of having a child. Ovumia is a leading tech expert in fertility treatments whose customers have had over 12,000 babies. The company is seeking financing for growth through M&As.

  • Leading fertility clinic chain in North Europe
  • Estimated revenue for 2017 approximately 4 million euros
  • Experienced and international team
27 Days left
622.419 EUR 1.000.000 EUR 2.450.000 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Growth Technology

Showcased pitches

Learning Intelligence Group – Coming soon
LIG is a leading Nordic edtech business development group, that grows companies into global leaders. Investment in edtech will reach $252bn globally by 2020 while only 2% of the education market is digitalised, and we want to cement our leadership.
Coming soon!
Finland Early Education
Bookwell Digital – Coming soon
Bookwell Digital has created a totally new way of manufacturing books that utilizes the latest technology and digital tools. This new solution revolutionises the whole industry and offers significant benefits to publishers.
Coming soon!
Finland Growth Media and Creative services

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