15 Mar Unlisted companies need IR too — Entrepreneur, create an investor relations page in minutes

Invest in growing businesses across Europe.

As unlisted companies can nowadays do public share offerings, some of them can have shareholder pools as large as publicly listed companies. While private companies don’t have the same reporting obligations as public ones, shareholders should always be kept well informed.

To make investor relations easy for companies to do, we’ve developed company profiles pages that will act as the infrastructure for future investor relations functionalities on the Invesdor platform. Businesses can create their own profile page in minutes at invesdor.com/en/companies.

In equity offerings Master Car’s funding round has 9 days left on the clock after receiving a €50k investment this week! Furthermore, Pupu’s funding round is closing in on 100% of its minimum goal.

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All investments carry a risk of losing capital. Invest responsibly.

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Master Car – You could buy a car today

Master Car is a growth-seeking trade-in car dealership which is specialised in imports and additional services. Our vision is to build a car dealership chain in Finland and then expand abroad. We love cars and it shows in everything we do!

  • Committed, experienced and well-networked team.
  • Strong expertise in buying and selling.
  • 3 817 000 EUR revenue in 2017.
9 Days left
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219.208 EUR 512.750 EUR 1.000.595 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Growth Retail
Pupu – Have a tasty bite of the green revolution of food!

Pupu (eng. Bunny) is Finland‘s first healthy fast casual restaurant chain where the business is based on food megatrends. The expansion has been rapid and the first four restaurants have been extremely well received.

  • Green dining is a megatrend.
  • Revenue for the second fiscal year 03/2018 – 02/2019 is projected to increase by 380%.
  • Strong values and sustainability behind everything the company does.
19 Days left
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172.675 EUR 200.000 EUR 342.500 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Growth Food and Drink
Musopia: Straight to Playing

Musopia aims to help hundreds of millions consumers to learn to play instruments and the 16 billion dollar musical instrument industry to increase their sales. With recent partnership news, we are now ready to take the next steps in our growth plan.

  • Partnerships with global musical instrument brands such as Yamaha and Ibanez
  • Monthly recurring revenue growth has been approximately 125% a year in 2017
  • Experienced team with multiple exits. Investors and advisors including Mika Ihamuotila and Ronnie Neva-aho
25 Days left
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211.488 EUR 429.000 EUR 1.188.000 EUR
Invested Minimum Maximum
Finland Growth Technology

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