Helsinki Female Tech Founder Frontrunner

2022 - Module 1

International Mentoring Programme

Who’s in Cohort 1 - 2022

Laura Avonius

Founder & CEO, Audicin

Windi Muziasari

CEO, Resistomap

Kirsi Korhonen

Founder, International Fox Agency

Tanja Malo

Founder, International Fox Agency

Jenny Law

CEO, Little Heroes / Lightning Hero

Piia Kuosmanen

Co-founder & CEO, Velbi

Eija Kiviranta

Founder & CEO, Work Pilots

Viktoria Holzmann

CEO, Ateria Enterprises

Shweta Singh

Chief Business Officer, iLu Space

Sonja-Maria Ignatius

Co-Founder & CEO, Kausal

Anna Fatima Sambou

Founder & CEO, Heemlig

Alejandra Cobos

Founder, MindMatters

Krista Paloheimo

Founder & CEO, Handpicked Cherries

Dona Khurana

CEO, Si6nal

Veera Virintie

CEO, Silta Education

Gabrielle Mantell

Founder & CEO, Live By

Jenny Jalasto

CEO and Founder, In & In

Kaisa Savola

CEO, Talbit

Inkeri Borgman

Founder & CEO, Gigle

Feiya Long

Founder & CEO, Moi Panda

Who’s in Cohort 2 - 2022

Karen Carter

Founder, Pathways

Eunice Hammond-Mørklid

Founder, Inno-Sci

Mila Koshkina

Founder, FlockIN

Ania Levinzon

Founder, ReadAbility

Laura Hellqvist

Founder & CEO, Fennorr

Becky Luoma

Co-founder & CEO, Language Clubhouse

Annu Kostiainen

Co-Founder & CEO, Neulos

Sienna Kruk

Founder & CEO, Ouna

Katrina Wendel-Mitoraj

Founder & CEO, SOENIA® by BrainCare

Inga Rikandi

CEO & Founder, MusicUs Digi

Mridula Muraleedharan

Founder, Infitrade

Joanne Hylin

Founder, Kiklos

Raila Lassila

Founder, Valued

Weizel Gulfan

Founder, Our Everyday Wellness

Suvi Syrjäläinen

Co-Founder & CEO, Kodarit

Blen Hailu

Founder, Kotibet

Krista Paloheimo

Founder & Development Director, Bulky

Who’s in Cohort 3 - 2022

Jane Tolvanen

CEO & Co-Founder, PrivacyAnt

Juulia Karjula

Founder, Aila

Meliina Räty

COO & Co-Founder, Aila

Aura Pyykönen

CEO & Founder, Isla Terveys

Lisa Jokivirta

Founder, Peace Education Collective

Holly Conolly

Co-founder, Zestii Oy

Minae Tani-LaFleur

Co-founder & Cook, Zestii Oy

Anna Starynska

CEO & Co-Founder, Cardiolyse Oy

Ida Nevalainen

CEO & Founder, MARKED

Erika Maksniemi

Pedagogical Expert, MARKED

Hua JIn

Founder, Aiedu Oy

Hilkka Koskenranta

CEO & Founder, Nordic Dog Sports Oy

Marika Kwiecień

Founder, SpaceCats

Elena Melnikova

CEO, Verspeak

Yulia Zhukova

Co-founder & CPO, Nerdsbay

Heidi Leivo

Co-Founder & CEO, Geego Kids

Ying-Chan Lin

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Breath to Belong

What is the role of Mentors?

Finnish and international mentors play a crucial role in helping Helsinki Female Tech Founder Frontrunner participants, and the programme as a whole, to launch, grow and scale digital and tech businesses.

Our programme is aimed at high potential prospective and early stage female founders in Finland and mentoring is one of its cornerstones. Each selected participant will be matched with two Finnish and/or international “Rockstar” mentors, based on their stated needs and preferences and mentor profiles.

We are currently looking for Finnish and international mentors of any gender with a mix of:

What is required of Mentors? 

Mentors must be able to offer-up to 5 hours of mentoring per month (meetings, email and document review time), to be agreed between each mentee and her two mentors directly.

Mentees ‘own’ the responsibility for their time on the Programme. Mentors support by adding expertise and experience in specific areas, general advice, review of draft documents, access to own networks and moral support.

The Programme is run in three 6-month long cohorts (max. 20 mentees in each). The cohort start dates are in February, May and August 2023.

What is in it for Mentors? 

Mentoring has become an established practice across sectors as mentorship can provide many benefits for mentors and their mentees. It can help both to learn new skills, expand their networks and grow as professionals. Read more about the value of mentoring here.