Module 1 – International Mentoring Programme

2023 - Helsinki Female Tech Founder Frontrunner:


Who’s in Cohort 1

Laura Avonius

Founder & CEO, Audicin

Windi Muziasari

CEO, Resistomap

Kirsi Korhonen

Founder, International Fox Agency

Tanja Malo

Founder, International Fox Agency

Jenny Law

CEO, Little Heroes / Lightning Hero

Piia Kuosmanen

Co-founder & CEO, Velbi

Eija Kiviranta

Founder & CEO, Work Pilots

Viktoria Holzmann

CEO, Ateria Enterprises

Shweta Singh

Chief Business Officer, iLu Space

Sonja-Maria Ignatius

Co-Founder & CEO, Kausal

Anna Fatima Sambou

Founder & CEO, Heemlig

Alejandra Cobos

Founder, MindMatters

Krista Paloheimo

Founder & CEO, Handpicked Cherries

Dona Khurana

CEO, Si6nal

Veera Virintie

CEO, Silta Education

Gabrielle Mantell

Founder & CEO, Live By

Jenny Jalasto

CEO and Founder, In & In

Kaisa Savola

CEO, Talbit

Inkeri Borgman

Founder & CEO, Gigle

Feiya Long

Founder & CEO, Moi Panda

Who’s in Cohort 2

Karen Carter

Founder, Pathways

Eunice Hammond-Mørklid

Founder, Inno-Sci

Mila Koshkina

Founder, FlockIN

Ania Levinzon

Founder, ReadAbility

Laura Hellqvist

Founder & CEO, Fennorr

Becky Luoma

Co-founder & CEO, Language Clubhouse

Annu Kostiainen

Co-Founder & CEO, Neulos

Sienna Kruk

Founder & CEO, Ouna

Katrina Wendel-Mitoraj

Founder & CEO, SOENIA® by BrainCare

Inga Rikandi

CEO & Founder, MusicUs Digi

Mridula Muraleedharan

Founder, Infitrade

Joanne Hylin

Founder, Kiklos

Raila Lassila

Founder, Valued

Weizel Gulfan

Founder, Our Everyday Wellness

Suvi Syrjäläinen

Co-Founder & CEO, Kodarit

Blen Hailu

Founder, Kotibet

Krista Paloheimo

Founder & Development Director, Bulky

Who’s in Cohort 3

Jane Tolvanen

CEO & Co-Founder, PrivacyAnt

Juulia Karjula

Founder, Aila

Meliina Räty

COO & Co-Founder, Aila

Aura Pyykönen

CEO & Founder, Isla Terveys

Lisa Jokivirta

Founder, Peace Education Collective

Holly Conolly

Co-founder, Zestii Oy

Minae Tani-LaFleur

Co-founder & Cook, Zestii Oy

Anna Starynska

CEO & Co-Founder, Cardiolyse Oy

Ida Nevalainen

CEO & Founder, MARKED

Erika Maksniemi

Pedagogical Expert, MARKED

Hua JIn

Founder, Aiedu Oy

Hilkka Koskenranta

CEO & Founder, Nordic Dog Sports Oy

Marika Kwiecień

Founder, SpaceCats

Elena Melnikova

CEO, Verspeak

Yulia Zhukova

Co-founder & CPO, Nerdsbay

Heidi Leivo

Co-Founder & CEO, Geego Kids

Ying-Chan Lin

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Breath to Belong


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