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Oslo as Female Tech Founder Frontrunner: International Accelerator Programme

Are you a female or non-binary leader of a tech startup with proven growth potential? Could you use help to scale and expand internationally? Apply before June 30th and join +300 women/non-binary leaders who have completed our accelerator programme.

What is 'Oslo as Female Tech Founder Frontrunner'?

'Oslo as Female Tech Founder Frontrunner' is Tech Nordic Advocates' successful, best-in-class international accelerator programme which has helped hundreds of female/non-boundary founders of growth potential tech companies across the Nordics scale up and expand internationally.

What are the goals of the International Accelerator?

  • help growth potential tech companies, led by women-/non-binary founders, based in Norway, scale up and expand internationally
  • help create more Norwegian tech scaleups with international expansion potential, to contribute to Norwegian tech-led innovation, exports, sustainable growth, jobs, welfare and equality in business, tech and society
  • help female and non-binary founders/leaders of growth potential tech companies in Norway fulfil their true potential
  • connect female/non-binary founders/leaders of Norwegian tech companies with growth potential with peers across the Nordics and internationally
  • strengthen know-how and knowledge share in the ecosystem, by bringing international know-how and expertise to Norway.

What’s the format of the International Accelerator Programme?

The International Accelerator Programme is divided into a 2x2 Day Bootcamp + 5 Month International Accelerator

Pre-accelerator Bootcamp:

The 2x2 day pre-accelerator bootcamp is designed to inspire, push and select the participants for the subsequent 5 month International Accelerator Programme

What’s the Bootcamp programme?
See example Bootcamp programme

How many companies in the Bootcamp?
There will be 15-18 companies in the Bootcamp, depending on the quality of applicants

When will the next Bootcamp be held?
The next Bootcamp will be in August 2024:
Week 1: 12 and 13 August
Week 2: 19 and 20 August

Where will the Bootcamp be held?
The Bootcamp will be held at Epicenter Oslo and other partners with limited online content from international experts

How long is the Bootcamp?
The Bootcamp is 2+2 days over 2 weeks

‘Wow, 2 weeks is a lot. I have a business to run’
Bootcamp week consists of just 2 days, allowing you to dedicate the remaining 3 days to your business. You’ll then return for Week 2 of the Bootcamp, again with only 2 days of participation in the following week.

5 Month International Accelerator:

Successful Bootcamp participants will be accepted to the subsequent 5 month International Accelerator

When will the next 5 month International Accelerator run?
The International Accelerator will run from late August to late December (Christmas break) 2024

What’s the format?
The 5 month international accelerator is divided into 4 Learning Sprints

Scaling a High-Growth Tech Company

We help you understand what a high-growth tech venture / company is, what it takes to build one, inspire you, set ambitious goals and develop an executuable scaleup and international expansion strategy to deliver the highest possible impact in the shortest possible time

International Expansion

We help you understand how to decide when to expand internationally, how to select and prioritise international markets for expansion, adapt your business model and pricing for new markets, develop the right go-to market strategy for international markets, international sales, sales and negotiation strategies and introduce you to international markets

Operations to Scale Up

We help you understand how to scale up your leadership, team, processes, operations and technology to build and run a high-growth international tech venture


We help you get ready for growth stage (international) investment, understand what it takes to raise (international) growth finance, the due diligence process, company valuation, investor expectations, sources of funding, how develop a pitch to local and international investors, and practice your pitch

Each of the 4 learning sprints is delivered by:

  • Interactive workshops, masterclasses, case studies and coaching
  • Peer-to-peer groups
  • Demo days, pitch and networking events in Norway and internationally
  • Access to potential clients, partners, experts, investors, peers and networks across Tech Nordic Advocates' Global Tech Advocates' global tech/startup ecosystem, spanning 33 global tech hubs and 30,000 tech leaders
  • Introduction to Norwegian and international investors, contacts and networks
  • Collaboration with international embassies, partners and accelerators
  • Trade missions (e.g. UK, US, Canada)
  • Tech Nordic Advocates’ global women-in-tech community

Join now to access this unrivalled programme:

International Scaleup School

International Scaleup School

Our international scaleup school offers participants all the know-how, introductions and support you need to scale up and expand internationally

Access to International Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs)

Access to International Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs)

Real time ‘phone a friend’ access to our International Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs) – successful Norwegian/international tech entrepreneurs and experts who know how to scale high-growth potential tech companies and navigate scaleup “roadblocks”

Access to global markets, talent and partners through Global Tech Advocates

Access to global markets, talent and partners through Global Tech Advocates

Gain exclusive access to the world’s ONLY truly international grassroots tech community, uniting over 33,000 tech leaders across 33 global tech hubs.

Trade Missions

Trade Missions

Kick-ass Trade missions to the Nordics, UK and US with our Global Tech Community.

Pitch training and Pitch Events

Pitch training and Pitch Events

Pitch training by best-in-class international experts and access to pitch events in Norway and internationally

Access to Investors and Capital

Access to Investors and Capital

Access to Norwegian and international investors and capital

One-to-one office hours

One-to-one office hours

We offer access to business, legal, financial, technical and other professional advice delivered by Tech Nordic Advocates and our Global Programme partners.

Northern Europe’s Biggest Women in Tech Network

Northern Europe’s Biggest Women in Tech Network

Join Northern Europe’s Biggest Women In Tech Network, with an online community of hundreds of founders, entrepreners, investors and leaders

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