Denmark – Module 2 – International Accelerator

Who’s in Cohort 1 Accelerator

Sarah Fourian

Founder, Fourian

Anette Thorup

CEO, Low-Fi ApS

Stella Vaka

CEO/Co-founder, Silkroad Studios ApS

Mia Katarina Andric

Co-founder, Silkroad Studios ApS

Mette Mikkelsen

Partner, Tellus IT ApS

Hilde Seglem

COO, TEGnology

Sara Høyer Kragelund

Founder, Insight-ment

Gudny Nielsen

CEO, SoGreen Denmark ApS

Kristel Hering

Founder/CEO, Amitylux

Pernille Ollendorff Hede

CEO/Co-founder, Healthy Crop

Anne-Sophie Elmo

Founder, School To Go

Iryna Gavrylova

CEO Co-Founder, Co-Inventor, Sprout Dynamics

Hoa Nguyen

CEO & Founder, Dutycast

Cathrine K. Reimann

Co-founder, Landfolk A/S

Diana Medrea-Mogensen

Founder, We Are Entrepreneurs

Who’s in Cohort 2 Accelerator

Maria Maersk

Founder, tactuus

Khushboo Verma

CEO, vCare Denmark

Vedrana Rogoznica

Co-founder & CEO, Rotoy ApS

Sara Sidenius Johansen

Co-founder & CEO, GoMuseum

Thea Larsen

Founder and CEO, Compar

Pernille Ollendorff Hede


Angela Namere

Founder, MyBelly ApS

Cecilie Lea Lisberg

Co-founder & CEO, ZOLES®

Anne Merete Skov Pedersen

Co-founder and CEO, MiCollect

Marianne Fibæk

Founder & CEO, PhoneStamp