Oslo As Female Tech Founder Frontrunner

Did you know that...

Norway falls below the OECD Average for female entrepreneurship for women between 18-64

Only 0.7% of venture capital in Norway is invested in female founder led startups

We’re here to fix that

Our 3-module programme helps female and non-binary founders launch, scale and raise capital for tech companies

International Mentoring Programme

Perfect for female and non-binary founders who’d like help to launch new or grow early stage tech companies

International Accelerator Programme

Perfect for female and non-binary founders/leaders who’d like help to scale and expand growth-stage tech companies internationally

Diversity Venture Fund

Helps female founders and leaders of tech companies raise capital
(whether part of Module 1 or 2 or outside the programme)

Whilst we work on bringing our renowned International Mentoring and International Accelerator Programmes to Norway, take a look at our already blossoming Norwegian community

Past Events:

Check out our 2023 Oslo Innovation Week event held at Startup Lab, Oslo.

Take a look at our 2023 London Stock Exchange Pitch Competition held at Epicenter, Oslo.

And.... the event that allowed our pitch competition winner to pitch at London Stock Exchange during London Tech Week!

Join our growing online community of female and non-binary entrepreneurs and connect with some of the most fantastic minds from Norway and beyond

Join our Tech Nordic Advocates Women in Tech group here

Join the Women in Tech Norway/UK group here